CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 9 | 19 June

Principal’s Column

Arrivederci Term 2

Here you go. The last newsletter for Term 2 and what a term it has been. Before we can say arrivederci to this term, and trust me, we all are ready to say our goodbyes to it, we still have a lot to do before this term ends.

Next week, you might find that your child/ren are starting to feel the strain and are becoming a little more teary than usual. This is normal. We too are feeling the strain as the term comes to an end. Remember to be extra gentle this coming week and to have an understanding that there may be a few more tears before the term ends.

Our teachers are feeling it too. Not only have they had to deal with immense change in their work conditions (and doing an absolutely brilliant job of it), they have had to work through the most stressful time of year…. REPORT TIME! This coming week, teachers will be finalising their reports and will be at school til 7pm over 2 nights conducting Parent Teacher Interviews. Make sure you remind them how great they are as they have done an outstanding job during this difficult time.

Changes to Our Reports for this Semester

All schools in Victoria have adopted their reports and assessment from advice from the Department of Education and Training. Our reports have followed this advice and will look differently according to this direction. Please note that this is not our usual report.

Our adopted reports for this Semester will provide:

  • A description of the areas of the Victorian Curriculum taught;
  • Teacher comments on how the student has adjusted to the remote and flexible learning environment, with reference to the Personal and Social Capability curriculum; and;
  • Student reflection on their experience of remote and flexible learning.

We are continuing to work on our permanent reports and look forward to providing parents with more details in our end of year report.

Communication – How we communicate at CNPS

Now that Remote and Flexible Learning has ended, next term the email function to contact teachers will be disabled. We understand that this isn’t a popular decision for many of our families, but this is an organisational decision that was collectively made by all staff due to the volume of emails from parents, which was taking away time from teacher’s core business: teaching and learning. If a parent/carer would like to contact their teacher, please call the office to leave a message on 9354 1660 or leave an email at the school’s email address with the teacher’s name in the subject heading: coburg.north.ps@education.vic.gov.au

We have created an info-graph highlighting the way we communicate to our families. We will post this on our developing website.

Playground Update

We are happy to announce that our final drawing of our inclusive playground has been completed! We are all so happy to see our student’s (and teacher and parent’s) visions come to life in this drawing.

In addition to the Ninja Warrior theme, and the indigeious imaginative play area, we have added in our existing rocks to form an outdoor classroom and will be attaching a rainwater tank to the SDS building which will be connected to the irrigation system that will be placed to water the plants and grass in the area.

We are very excited to see our plans come to life. A HUMOUGOUS thank you to our Playground Working Party who have given up their time to invest in our school playgrounds. We still have one more project to go, which is working with our architect to develop our Master Plan for the entire school. It is all happening here at CNPS!

Playground Working Party Team!

Parents: Briar Stevens, Lisa Berlingeri, Jackie Hanson, Tamara Heath, Sarah Kerr, Phil Cadman, Emma Hopkins; School Council Members: Paul Cavicchiolo, Robbie Napper, Steve Lawson; CNPS Staff: Monika Gruss, Sebastian Goder, Margaret Corzo, Michael Hill, Tim Prendergast, Carmel Post, Kerryn Cilia; Coburg Special Development School: Warren Tofts

End of Term Early Finish

Our early end of term finish will be slightly different this year. Our staggered end time will start at 2:30pm and finish at 3:00pm.

Please stick to these start and finish times while adhering to social distancing rules.

Thank you and Goodluck Courtney and Laura

We have some sad and happy news. Sad news is that Courtney Jory and Laura Seeley will be leaving us at the end of this term. Happy news is that Courtney will be becoming a Mumma of two, welcoming her new baby to her family; and Laura Seeley has landed a job promotion as a Manager at Allied Health. Although we will miss the both of them very much, we know that they are moving into a happy next chapter of their lives. We wish them the very best for the future.

School Review Feedback

Thank you to those parents who have participated in the survey to help us to enhance our school vision and parent communication. We have had 44 responses. An improvement, but we would love to have more. It is a very short survey. Please take some time out to let us know your thoughts.

Be Safe, Rest and Enjoy

With the upcoming holidays, take time to rest, unwind and remember all the good things in life. Until next term, have a good one,


School Houses Launch!

We are REALLY excited to unveil the new names of the houses and create opportunities for students to earn points, show house spirit and join in new and exciting school events. The new house system will play a vital role in the school and focus on developing a sense of belonging and pride.

Our New House System Journey…

At CNPS houses have been a part of our school for events such as Twilight Sports. It has been a wonderful opportunity for students to show school and house spirit whilst joining in fun games and activities.

We decided to reinvent our house system, with new names and logos with the help of the 5/6 cohort. In Physical Education we brainstormed and voted on what we would like our houses to be named and came up with the theme of Australian animals.

Next, during Art classes students brainstormed different Australian animals whose first letter was the same as the streets surrounding the school (Bishop, Jersey, O’Hea and Gaffney). All students then drew some amazing logos, where three students were chosen to refine their images and create the new house shields. These students were Jem Baker, Clementine Ludlow and Ariadne Sakkatou. Their images were then developed by a graphic designer to produce the final product. All three students did such an AMAZING job designing the new images and should be very proud of their work. The images they drew are as follows:

Bishop Bandicoots & Gaffney Gliders - Ariadne Sakkatou

Jersey Joeys - Jem Baker

O’Hea Osprey’s - Clementine Ludlow

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey over the past two terms. It is fantastic to see the final product and we are very appreciative of your time and efforts. We cannot wait to see all the students dressed up in their house colours and showing school spirit very soon!

CNPS Virtual Cross Country Carnival

We are very EXCITED to launch our first ever CNPS virtual Cross Country Carnival! During the last week of term and throughout the holidays we would love to hear about all your running and walking adventures. This is a fantastic way for you to show your house spirit as well as earn points.

How to earn points:

  • Mark out and run/walk your own cross country course around your neighbourhood wearing your house colours.
  • Everyone will be awarded one point for their house if they participate and students who have the top 5 times in their age groups will earn 10 points for their house.

Getting Started:

  1. Find a suitable park, oval, athletics track, green space or even use the footpaths near where you live (be safe out there if crossing streets).
  2. You will need to measure out the length of your own course. You can use Apps such as Google Earth, GPS, Fitbit or MapMyWalk.
  3. You could always get someone to measure the distance using a bike or a car speedo.
  4. When you start running or walking, time yourself and record your results.
  5. Please click on this link and submit your results and a photo (if you like) to get your house points! https://forms.gle/upozd74mVLnuzEAw8

Age groups/distances:

  • Girls and boys 5-8 yrs run/walk 1000m
  • Girls and boys 9/10 yrs run/walk 2000m
  • Girls and boys 11 yrs run/walk 3000m
  • Girls and boys 12/13 yrs run/walk 3000m

REMEMBER to warm up, stretch & cool down.

You can also head to the Sporting Schools Victoria Virtual Cross Country page (please see link below) and enter your results. You will then be able to compare your time to other students across Victoria and look at the 'Virtual Cross Country Standings'.


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! And remember this is about having fun, getting active and showing your house spirit.

Parents and Friends

Trivia Event Tomorrow

There are still places available for tomorrow's Parents & Friends Trivia event - a free, online, family-friendly afternoon of fun that will include questions for both adults and children. To reserve your spot go to https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/107327116294

While this year’s event will focus on community-building, rather than fundraising, you can still make a donation towards CNPS's fundraising efforts when you register your ticket. These funds will go towards additional solar panels for the school. Please note that the event is for CNPS families and staff only and is limited to one registration per household.

Details are as follows:

Plants for Panels

Last year's Plants for Playgrounds initiative was such a success, the P&F has decided - with the help of an incredibly dedicated bunch of green-thumbs - to reprise the event. Albeit in a slightly smaller capacity than last year's due to the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19. This year's event will raise money for additional solar panels for the school. Keep an eye out Facebook pages and for Compass posts next term to stay across developments.

Organic Produce Delivery

IN term 1 Parents & Friends advised of the opportunity for a weekly organic, fruit-and-vegetable box delivery service. Naturally, the upheaval caused by COVID-19 temporarily consigned that service to the compost bin. However, the P&F is still keen to pursue this opportunity once we return to the new normal, and hope that this might become possible in term 3. Please stay tuned for developments. (Note that the service has the dual purpose of a practical service for CNPS families and a fundraising function.)

Community News

Kelly Sports Winter Holiday Program

As our OSHC will not be running over the Term 2 holidays, Kelly Sports will be offering a program to provide child care support to families. Please see details below.

Melbourne Performing Arts Academy Music Holiday Program

The Melbourne Performing Arts Academy is taking enrolments for the upcoming holidays. Please see www.minpaa.com for more information.

Numbers are strictly limited due to Covid-19.

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