Weird stuff built during the cold war By sam c. & shaun p.

The kick off goes to the USA with their b-36 program, this beast, could fly for 2 days, and was designed to fly from the US. bomb Russia, then fly back to the US

However the aircraft itself had no guns or defenseive capabilities, instead the designers though, we can have it carry a smaller fighter to deal with threats.

"This oddly shaped plane was dropped out of a B-36's bomb bay, presumably hoping to confuse enemy ground control when pilots reported back that "The big plane is sh#tting little planes." After proving that humans and B-36 bombers aren't that different after all, it was much more difficult for the aircraft to un-sh#t the Goblin." -not our words, but this quote summed why this project failed too well.

Now its time for Russsia's comeback, with their Progrev T. Although it looks alien, it was simply a jet engine put on a tank for the sole purpose of clearing mindfeilds with the extreme heat and thrust of a jet engine.

So, what else has the Us done to compete with this... umm....What the heck is that?

This is the Chyrsler TV-8. A nuclear reactor powered tank, because why not have a tank that poses a bigger risk to the crew than enemy does.

So, russia responded with object 279. Not a tank powered by radioactive stuff. No, a tank designed to withstand raadioactive stuff

The extra tracks were to keep the tank from flipping over during a nuclear blast.
This is the xb 70. A high altitude supersonic long range nuclear bomber. besides having canards at the nose for pitch, and a Concorde like body. The wing tips could be tilted down to spoil lift and increase aerodynamics at high speeds

So, Russia wanting a long range nuclear bomber decided to go low... like 10 ft off the ocean low.

This is the ekranoplan, Or later called the Casipian sea monster. It was larger than a b747 could fly 300+mph just feet above the water. Along with being able to carry 1000 armed soviet troops, or 6 nuclear missiles. The project was cancelled after the USSR collasped.

This next one, is out-there.

On the left you can see the American space shuttle, and it's parameters. But on the right is the Buran, the Soviet verision of the Space shuttle.
The Soviets designed and built the worlds largest cargo aircraft in order to carry there shuttle, meanwhile we just used a b747.
However, when the USSR collasped instead of selling their shuttles like Nasa. They put them in random feilds to rot it, like most of the other Soviet creations on this list.

One last thing. If you want a tank, Russia has got the deal for you

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