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Kwame Rose is a social activist, Huffington Post Contributor, and Artist. Kwame was originally known for having boldly held mainstream media, particularly Geraldo Rivera of Fox News, accountable for its inaccurate representation of protestors during the Baltimore Uprising.

Kwame was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. His passion for public speaking once earned him a full scholarship to the University of Texas at San Antonio as a member of the Debate team. As a student, he advocated for hip-hop-infused education as a means to educate the youth and give a voice to the voiceless. After the completion of his freshman year, deteriorating social conditions in his hometown of Baltimore prompted the permanent return of the young activist with a firm commitment to improve and serve his community.

In 2013, Kwame helped form the organization Brothers In Action, Inc., a mentoring group for young Black males in Baltimore City.

Kwame is currently a contributor for the Huffington Post after realizing that one way to ensure the narratives of oppressed communities are told accurately, was to take control of the narrative. Rose has previously writing for Mashable, USA Today, and Abernathy Magazine. Kwame also served as a host for the Real News Network.

After writing an article critiquing the Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sander’s lack of engagement with young change agents, Senator Sanders reached out to Kwame about how to reach young people. Kwame then served as a surrogate for Senator Sanders campaign.

I will not let you report lies about the people of this city!

- Kwame Rose, April 29, 2015, Confronting Fox News Reporter Geraldo Rivera

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Red carpet premiere of #BaltimoreRisingDoc at The Charles Theatre in Baltimore. Nov 15 2017

Media Appearances

Baltimore ChangeMakers: Kwame Rose, an Unapologetic Voice for Change

NBC, USA TODAY, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, VICE, AlJazeera, HBO, Real News Network

Hufffington Post, Concrete Rose Magazine, RTTV America, Media Matters, NPR News, CBS Radio News, Abernathy Magazine, Inquiry Independent, Elements of Oppression, Maryland Public Television, Democracy Now!

Speaking Engagements

Black Policy Conference at Harvard University

Colleges and Universities:

Harvard University, The New School, Michigan State University, Tulane University, Xavier University (NoLa), Loyola University (NoLa), Towson University, University of Tennessee- Martin, University of Maryland, University of Houston, University of Texas - SA, Midwestern State University....


American Muslims for Palestine, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. National Convention, SXSW, ADC Conference, Justice Conference, BE engaged.

"We're Pouring Water on Food Deserts"

“Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic Kwame has partnered with Chef Jose Andre’s World Central Kitchen providing meals to vulnerable communities provided by local restaurants in Baltimore. To date over 30,000 meals have been provided and over $300,000 has been payed to some of Baltimore’s best minority owned restaurants.

"It is up to us to take to the polls on Tuesday... Don't just take yourselves, you've got to take your friend, your neighbor, those who have never voted.”

Black EXCELLence™

the vision of Kwame Rose, is about the upliftment of Black culture.

The Black EXCELLence brand, created inside of Kwame’s college apartment. Since launching our campaign, we have had an overwhelming outpour of interest, and we thank you for the continued support. Despite the level of interest, there are still plenty of shirts to be sold, which in turn, will increase the impact of this initiative to uplift young people and the culture. #BlackEXCELLence “Made to Inspire”
A mural of activist Kwame Rose by the artist Nether

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