Bank manager accused of insider trading! Has torvAld helmer lost control of his wife?

Nora Helmer, mother of three, taken to court for her indiscretions laid against the state. According to an anonymous source, Nora Helmer slithered behind her husbands back, taking out a loan for her own personal use. The perpetrator said " I did it for love, why should an act of such kindness be treated as tremendous disappointment towards my family". The trial is set to begin on the 1st of October 1880 against the accused.

This act has caused an uproar around the community between housewives and men in power. As a result the case has become a worldwide phenomenon. Husband of the accused, Torvald Helmer, is beyond ashamed of his wife and what she has cost him. Leaked sources suspect that Torvald might have had a hand in the situation and is may to be put on trial.

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