Tips for Multimedia Projects By: Mckenzie sanders

Hi my name is McKenzie Sanders, I am creating a webpage on tips to remember when making a story on someone using different media formats!

Tip 1: Remember: Form fits the function!

This means make project fit what you want it to do.

Probably the most important lesson I learned from this class is that everything I needed for each different medium was not exactly what I needed for others.

An example of this is when I was writing up for my magazine article on Grace in Indesign and then I was going to do the documentary in premier.

Indesign vs. Premier/ Magazine vs. Documentary-

In my magazine article, I got to write and include photos and it was more like a fashion magazine. There was only a little bit of real life but I wanted it to look exactly like what a fashion magazine would look like. In my documentary, I found myself more drawn to the material that featured Grace in her everyday life. This included shots of her laying across her bed and studying and views of her room. Though magazines definitely have a variation of shots these images did not quite look so well.

Tip 2: Not all mediums are going to fit the story you are trying to tell and that’s okay, some of your projects are going to be far stronger than others


The podcast was the hardest obstacle for me to get over. The biggest strength of my project was being able to view it because Grace is just such a visual character and her entire story is about being able to see something (her blog).

The podcast to me was something that you might hear on the radio and Grace’s story is not something I’d picture hearing.

Grace’s sound bites also didn’t have enough of them or were clear enough to make a fantastic podcast.

Some things are just going to work more than others, some stories won’t carry all the mediums well and in real life they don’t have to.

Tip 3: Pick a good subject

My biggest obstacle with this project is getting over my subject. I thought Grace would be perfect; she is already in the spotlight, is used to be photographed and videoed, and has a compelling story. The thing was though is getting material that was allowed to be published. Grace, being used to being is the spotlight, has a filter on what she says and what she does. I know being her friend and some of the things that have happened to her though the fashion industry my project could have been far better if she would have let loose and spoke about what she felt and what had happened to her. The little sound bites and video clips I did have of her talking about the fashion industry made her look distressed and so I made sure in my video to include both sound and the clip of the interview at this time.

If I could do the project over I would have kept the same theme of wanting to discuss the fashion industry of those deeply involved in it but when Grace did not give me what I was looking for I’d move on to another blogger or model (unfortunately there weren’t many of those in the area).

Step 4: Pick a compelling title

I picked the title “Best of Both Worlds” after going back though my footage of the interview (I did this because I loved how the “Our lives together” documentary had the perfect sound bite at the end that matched with the title). I found a clip of Grace talking about her internships this summer and how they were so different but both what she loved about what she did and then she said “so yeah I got the best of both worlds.” It. Was. Genius. Before the title was “This is Me,” but Best of Both Worlds fit so much better after seeing what the project evolved into aka Grace’s school life and her celebrity blog/ fashion life.

Tip 5: Make something that you are going to be proud of

My biggest excitement about this project was that after hours and hours of sitting and working I finally got to say “Done!” and Grace heard me say it from her room when I was working on it on the couch in the living room. She came out and asked to see it.

After she viewed my final portfolio she was literally so happy and posting videos on her snapchat story and Instagram.

She wants to feature it on her blog and after some tweaks to the documentary wants to put it in the the “About Me” section of This was literally the best thing you can hear after working so hard on something like this.

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