Joseph Stalin Interwar By Adam Dehart

I am a high ranking member of the Bolshevik party and I am terrified. Lenin had died a few years ago on January 21st in 1924 and with his passing he gave us a warning. He said that our fellow revolutionary, Joseph Stalin, should not be allowed to gain power, but we didn't act fast enough. Other high ranking members of the Bolshevik party have been killed or gone missing all while Joseph keeps getting stronger.

A gathering of members of the Bolshevik party.

We should have known sooner that Joseph was a lunatic. I never recall him being social or ever showing care towards another. I've also begun to notice that he has been pitting his rivals against each other manipulating his way into more power. I fear that it is too late to stop him now and that soon all of Russia will be his. I do have hope though, for there is a man by the name of Leon Trotsky who is a strong admirer of Stalin. Trotsky, however, seems much more reasonable and less extreme than Stalin. Much of Russia loves Trotsky and his admiration of Stalin will hopefully keep him safe.

Leon Trotsky erased from a photo.

It has been a few years and all hope has been lost. Stalin banished Trotsky due to his popularity and now he is unstoppable. He has fear over the population of Russia. It is so extreme that in a recent public speech everyone continued clapping out of fear that he would kill the first one to stop. We had only stopped when bells were rang telling us to do so. Sadly, our fear is justified. More of the people he calls his enemies have mysteriously vanished. Some think that he has created secret police force that is the cause of these vanishings. Not only do his enemies vanish, but he erases them from photographs treating it like a second death. He also begun a great purge earlier today. There is now a someone out side my door. I think today is my end.

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