RYAN BEARDSLEY Becoming Badass Athlete Profile

I was born and raised in the Antelope Valley. Graduated from Palmdale High School and went to San Diego State University. Taught elementary school grades 2, 3, and 4. Currently Principal of Millen Middle School in the Palmdale School District. Married 22 years. 3 kids: Ryan, Rachel, and Colton.

I got started in fitness when school administration gave me a bit more of a sedentary lifestyle than being up and around all day in the classroom. Started with P90X (and all of Tony Horton’s bad jokes) in the living room like many do, but then started going to Ashley’s Sunday bootcamp at Marie Kerr having been invited by Brian Williams (I believe that was in about 2015). Had done a couple of mud runs (Down & Dirty) and really enjoyed them so I did my first Spartan Sprint at Castaic in December of 2015. I was immediately hooked and increased training as Ashley increased course offerings. In 2016, I completed a double Trifecta.

"Friends, Fitness, and Terrible Ideas!"

Ashley and Robert talked me into trying a Hurricane Heat 12 Hour in December of 2016 and that became my thing for 2017. In total that year I had a triple trifecta and an endurance trifecta. To date I have completed three Hurricane Heats (most recently in Idaho), two HH12HR (both in Castaic), and the HH24HR in Seattle.....my favorite event up until the SISU Iron, but still a close 2nd. I’ve completed all of Ashley’s endurance events and plan on the next. This year I was fortunate enough to complete and place 2nd in the SISU Iron (“You’re Doing it Wrong”) and completed a Ragnar Ultra in Zion with the Badasshats the following week.


My "why" is to set a good example for my family and to constantly challenge myself. I enjoy accomplishing difficult things that I really have no business doing. To this point I have yet to start an event and not finish which has initiated me fully into the #oldmangrit ranks. I’m looking into doing new and different events in the future. I enjoyed the Ragnar team I ran with and would like to do some more events with people at the gym. Going to do some GORUCK events and maybe look into the Tough Mudder scene in the coming year. Love the Becoming Badass gym and the community it has created. Friends, Fitness, and Terrible Ideas!

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