Port-a-Pet Don't Fret Get a Pet

Dogs and Prices

  1. Pomsky -$1194
  2. Cavalier-$1074
  3. Havanse-$954
  4. Boston Terrier-$1074
  5. French Bulldog-$1200
  6. Wheaten Terrier-$1200
  7. Australian Silky Terrier-$660
  8. Field Spaniel-$750
  9. Pekingese-$700
  10. Pug-$360
  • Cages are = $30
  • Toys are = $10.50
  • $10 for slow transportation
  • $20 for fast transportation
  • Rent price = $100 per day

Find all the best pets from port-a-pet for a reasonable price. it will be delivered to your home, 2 days or less, depending on shipping price. you can also enjoy renting dogs for the amount of days you desire, for a price. hope you enjoy our service and product and we hope to serve you soon!

Created by Hayden, Niko, and Dante/ The creators of Port-a-Pet


Created with images by Lepale - "dog friendship nature" • cocoparisienne - "dogs animals sunset" • wernerdetjen - "animal portrait dog curious" • Sasha the Okay Photographer - "Dog" • indamage - "Dog" • Jaime_GC - "Pug" • Nicholas Smale - "Betsy"

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