Technology In Mrs. Ogden's Classroom Student Feedback


"We didn't use technology everyday, which I enjoyed. I like learning and reading in real life and stuff."


"I enjoyed how the use of technology provided us with some variation in activity during class."


"I really liked exploring new things in this class and the way Mrs. Ogden teaches really related to the technology that we use in this class."

"You get to learn about more sites you could use later on in life."


"I think we should read more paper copy books. This is just my opinion though. I just prefer them better."

"I personally don't like reading books on the computer or online so I would prefer reading books."

"I enjoyed that we used the devices to help with our work. My favorite thing would be when we read on the chrome books, since I like reading online better."



"We used things like padlet or menti so each individual could share their thoughts on the board with the rest of the class. It was interesting to see the responses of people who don't really talk that much."

"Padlet was fun because I could write down my opinion and thoughts, but also be able to see others opinions, which would help me see the topic at hand in a different view.""

"I enjoyed using the interactive sites such as padlet or menti because they were engaging to the whole class."

Sharing Our Creative Work

"I enjoyed how we wrote about different things. For example, on our blogger we could write what we felt or even create poems. That was really fun."

"I liked being able to create cool projects with different websites."

"My favorite technological tool that I used in ELA class this year was I enjoyed having a place to dump my writings and poems, where others could read and share them."

", this has really helped me learn new words and this really helped me on my vocabulary quizzes."

"Vocab helped me learn words by giving me a study sheet and providing little test to see how much I know the words. helped me get a good grade on the test every time i got 100 percent in"

"Vocabulary also helped me because it was a much more fun and interactive way of memorizing our words, instead of just having to read them over and over or study all day to remember then, which is quite boring."

Actively Learn

"I like how Mrs. Ogden could add annotations on Actively learn to help us understand the reading."

"I like actively learn because I could answer questions as I read along with the story I didn't have the questions at the bottom, and then have to search for the passages with the answers."

"Actively Learn helped make me think more critically ask I read the book because it provided me questions to ask myself as I was reading."


Recording: Building Confidence, Perhaps?

"We video because I've never been one to film myself over a project, it isn't really in my comfort zone. The same problem with flipgrid, I didn't like the idea of taking a video of myself talking about a book, it just makes me feel anxious."

"Flipgrid because I don't really like being on camera. If i were to read a book I would rather fill out a independent reading form."

"Flipgrid - I don't really like using this because sometimes I was never prepared to talk about the book. I mean it wasn't bad it just wasn't for me."

More Purposeful Blogging

"More blog use."

"Blogger didn't make sense to me because we had everything in our journal already."

"I didn't really like the blogger because i really didn't understand it."

General Suggestions

"One thing that could be improved is that we should use more of the google slides Q/A thing like we used for the Socratic Seminar to express our opinions."

"I think she could improve or maybe set more limits like if you don't have a computer or a charger, they just can't do their work because they are not prepare. And when we will need our computers, let us know the day before we can get prepared."

"I think we should have done book talks on our computers."

"Notifications for assignments."

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