objective 4 test eval

Round 1

This was my firt chem test and one of my first real standarized college exams. first semster i did not have any classes that had general exams with test slots. this was alo the fisrt exam so i had 3 test that week whitch include calc 1 and biology. so when i went o profecdr cox we talked about chemistry as a whole and hwere to go from here. to be compltely honest nothing revolutionary was said i had just become over whel with matterial and the volume of work i had to do that week made my grades suffer.

for the next exam i told my self i was gojnt to do more practice exams and go to pal session whenever i was realy lost about what we hve been learning in class. the biggest improvment i made was planningn ahead and breaking my studying up so i could study for a good peroid of time but then sleep on what i know and dont know. then the next day the consept come easy and easyeier. our brains go over the day past whe we sleep. making conections and throwing out old information that is usless. so i saw that i really had ferm grasping of consepts after repetetive study session rather than just trying to go all day or all night.

Round 2

much better this time :)

for this exam i deffinatly put more effort into trying to study far befor the exam. i was actualy going away the weekend before the test ( the test was monday night) so i hade sure i studies and preped my self enough by friday so i could confidently come back on sunday and feel prepared and just go over what i knew and sure up the topics i needed to. i competed nearly 2 full practice exams along with various pal session. this did take alot of time and i still e=went into the exam sceptical but it ended up working out and it is still my highest college exam to date. Thanks.


a young fox reflection of his day in his reflection

i thoght this entire procces was a good idea. i have never really been one to really pick apart my old exams. i would always think it is what it is and lets move onto the next one. and i deffiniatly never thought of doing an analasis like this. i mean i wouldnt go as far as to say tht this was a piviotal a tion in my next test. i knew i was slighly un prepared going into the first exam but it was the best i could do with my ciuuircumstances. another great part to this assinment was the forced meeting with the profecor. this shows them you inicitive and the fact your activly trying to become a better student and improve from your past. my inter action with my profeccor was brif but mening full. it got my face to be linked to a number in her grade book.


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