• Lethal- somethings that's dangerous and can cause altercations.
  • Fatal- causing death or something deadly.
  • Candidly- in a honest straight forward way honest, and mannered way.
  • Discrimination- the treatment of different categories of people or things, especially race, age, or sex.
  • Misconduct- unacceptable or improper behavior being shown.
  • Racial- relating to race or someone ethnicity.

This quote shows how innocent people are being shot down and killed with no question asked and no explanation and no remorse for what has been done to the innocent victim. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/08/10/la_police_admitted_they_killed_an_innocent_man.html?scrlybrkr=57cb5962

Why might Police officers feel the need to kill innocent victims ?

Police officer often take the authority that they have and abuse it very rapidly and they also still go off of a standard that was established in the case of Tennessee v. Garner . In fact, Jerome Lanig, a contract Tester or QA Manager/Director, stated, “The US Supreme Court created a standard for authorizing deadly force in the case Tennessee v. Garner. This standard basically states that the officer must have cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or injury to the officer or to people nearby.” This case has a good and a bad side to it because sometimes police officer abuse the authority because a cop can look at someone and feel threat that doesn't mean they have fire a shot. Other look at it as if the cops are racist and very biased when it really comes down to a lot of the shootings that are taking place with an unarmed innocent suspect. “Evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans, in that the probability of being black, unarmed, and shot by police is about 3.49 times the probability of being white, unarmed, and shot by police on average.” Says Ross D. Franklinton a professor at the University of California. Police shootings is not always about someone being guilty and causing harm to an offers because race, and Gender roles play a huge part in shooting innocent suspects.

Why and how are civilians taking action against police misconduct?

Many officer behavior is unacceptable and unprofessional and no change is being done about the officer's misconduct toward the people in the community. In fact, “In an effort to control police misconduct, there is an accelerating trend for civilian agencies to go beyond review to engage directly in investigations and to have much greater input into disciplinary decisions.” according to Maggie Habermas from New York Times. For the most part many people see the officers discrimination and being unfair with the punishment. Also people are filming the officers actions to try and force the officers to become more responsible and accountable for their actions. The police misconduct rates are out of control our officers should not be abusing the authority that they have over the many years the rate of police misconduct rate just continue to increase. Semi- annual statistics report, “The police misconduct rates are increasing constantly over the years statics report indicate that abut 834.7 of every 100k police officers may be involved in a reported police misconduct incident a year” ,according to David Packman. Police misconduct should not be tolerated at all the misconduct rate is terrible and should not be tolerated by the police departments it should be some type of punishment that goes along with the terrible behavior and the officer abusing their authority.

Are police shootings racially biased?

It’s not that all Police officers are racist it's just the all the racial clues that are being showed and the actions that’s being put on, and the clues being show on the news, and all over the world. In fact, “Dozens of studies have shown that racial cues are perceived within a fraction of a second whether or not the perceiver intends to do so, and that black racial cues rapidly activate negative information in memory”, according to Denise Cummins of PBS Newshour’s. Racial clues is when racism is being shown or a hint is being given or someone is perceiving it.There is a relationship between the level of racial bias in police shootings and in crime rates. The police shooting data that has been shown suggests that police shooting are racially bias but this mostly happens in larger cities and and countries.“Analysis of fatal police shooting data as a function of county-level predictors suggests that racial bias in police shootings is most likely to emerge in police departments in larger metropolitan counties with low median incomes and a sizable portion of black residents, especially when there is high financial inequality in that county” says Cody T. Ross A Journalist and a Illustrator. I honestly think that some police shootings not all but some are racially biased and that because the way things are perceived and shown to society.

Would Fewer People Get Killed if More Police Officers Were Women?

I feel like police killings would decrease by a ton if they bought in more women police officers. Women are not a physical and hardcore ass male officers they tend to give more chances . In fact, on a recent day in Dallas, “In February, a Dallas police officer stopped an active shooter who had opened fire in a busy Walmart. The officer, a woman, did not fire a weapon, but chased the shooter, demanding verbally he stop shooting, according to Soraya Chemaly a reporter, and editor. Male officers are more hardcore and physical and women officers are more lenient . Many people live in fear of getting pulled over by the police but if we add more women officer the problem would decrease. “Women officers tend to save their municipalities a substantial amount of money. Lawsuits alleging the use of excessive force by police cost taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Female officers are the defendants far less often than men, and male officers cost between 2.5 and 5.5 times more to taxpayers because of payouts to settle such suits”, according to a study by the Feminist Majority Foundation and the National Center for Women & Policing.

Does your gender, race, and who you affect how you get treated?

I believe that every time a police shootings occurs it’s not always a racial thing but there is a lot of data that has been around that shows the results and that what everythings seems to be. In fact, Mary Ramirez editor in New York Times stated, “This conclusion was pulled from an extensive study wherein officers were not informed of the purpose of the study (race)—yet they paused time and again, taking significantly more time to fire their weapons if the test subject was white than black.” There is so much mountings social pressure that makes things drastically more difficult officer to make the right safety decision for our community and also for their own safety because any shot fired is wrong when someone losing their life is involved. Often, people think that of all police racist and that's only because racism implied bias among officers. Tom Jackman in The Washington Post, stated,”The standard thinking about police-involved shootings, and some scientific research, has been that black suspects are more likely to be shot than white suspects because of an implied racial bias among police officers. But now a new study has found exactly the opposite: even with white officers who do have racial biases.”

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