á ensku. er vefsíða sem fjallar um Íslenska tónlist og menningu en hún fór í loftið 23. Febrúar 2014. Margt hefur gerst síðan þá og gríðarlegur fjöldi heimsækir vefinn daglega! 1. Apríl 2015 hóf samstarf við og hefur það samstarf gengið vonum framar en daglega rata fréttir frá á forsíðu og hefur það vakið gríðarlega athygli. fær um 50.000 heimsóknir í hverjum mánuði og er því stæðsti einkarekni miðill landsins! Eins og allir vita er íslenskt tónlist þekkt út um allan heim og hefur hún verið ein áhrifamesta landkynnig út fyrir landssteinana. Á döfinni er að setja vefinn yfir á ensku en hann ver‘ur einnig áfram á íslensku. getur hæglega orðið miðpunktur íslenskrar tónlistar og menningu út um allan heim og stefnum við áotrauð á það takmark!

Sindri Már Sigfússon is a musician, artist and skater who’s been around the block afew times. He’ss also known as Sin Fang, and is tied to Seabear as well. We met him at his west side studio and discussed his music career and what lies ahead for him. And talked about skateboarding as well and what it was like to work with Alien Workshop.

When did your music career start?

The first Seabear album kind of ruined my artistic career, which is alright, because I had found out that I got more out of music. I´d get goose bumps much more easily from going to some punk concert than attending an art exhibition. I was perhaps thinking about studying teaching and becoming an arts teacher, and just being comfortable, but music just kinda took over. Attending the LHÍ visual arts department was really nice, because there was so much freedom there. Before I started there I had been working all kinds of bullshit jobs from eight to five and being rather fucked up when I got home, which means you don’t have much energy to do anything else. But I was usually finished by noon at LHÍ, so I really had all day to make music, which is when I made my first Ep.

Tell me a bit about yout first concert.

My first concert was at Volksbuhne in Berlin, which is a big old theater. The only reason I accepted that gig was that I was gonna open for another band called The Books, which is a New York band that is a lot of fun. Then after accepting, I realized I had never played a show before and had no idea what I was about to do. I got this girl in my class to play the violin and Örn Ingi, a skate buddy of mine, and the only guy i knew who could play the guitar. We started rehearsing some songs I had been working on and then, all of the sudden, we we’re playing some six hundred people theater, and I almost got an ulcer from the stress. Tomas Morr, the owner of Morr Music, was at that concert. He kinda offered me a contract right after that show, which I don’t understand, because I think it was a really bad show. But he probably saw some potential in us and we’ve worked together ever since. Since then two Seabear albums have been released, three Sin Fanf albums, and slew of Eps and 7 inches, spanning seven years really. I first heard about Morr Music when I read that Tom York had bought Morr’s entire catalog. I was such a radiohad fan as a kid. And Múm was also being released by them, and I got to know the Morr crew personally through them.

How did it come about that you started working with JB from Air?

I was asked to open for them at a couple of concerts. It just met them briefly then. Then we have a mutual friend abroad, who is a photoggrapher. Two years after that she was talking about me having to meet JB, and that we’d probably hit it off, but then he remebered me from when we were performing together. She sent us an email, “Hey guys, why don’t you have a coffee and talk to each other. I think it’d be fun.” And we just, “Alright.” We then met for some coffee and decided to make a song together. Then something fun happaened and we decided to make another song. We thought it was fun at the time, but dccided not to use it. Then we decided to try agin, and again, and again, and in the end we had a dozen songs or so, and finally a whole album. We decided to finish a record last summer and we needed to plan far ahead, when to meet and such, We made a plan, but things always get delayed a bit.

Bloodgroup are quite busy these days, what with a wedding in China and ceaseless international travel. Hallur and Janus sat down with Albumm for a lively chat.

What is Bloodgroup up to these days?

Hallur: We wrote an album last year called Tracing Echoes and and mainly supported it abroad, but we’ve been pretty chilled lately. Janus and ólafur Arnalds are making an album under the name Kiasmos and then we’re both playing in a band named Fura, and I´m with a band called Lily the Kid, and I´m also with Birta. We’ve been touring a lot with Birta, so Bloodgroup got laid by the wayside unintentionally. Bloodgroup has been a thing for nine years, and we´ve bee working really hard for the last four. We´ll be back in action when these other things start to calm down.

How many members are there in Bloodgroup:

Hallur: There’s me, Janus, Raggi and Sunna, but we’ve had a fifth member for like a year and a half, by the name of Þovaldur Þór (Doddi), who’s our drummer, and has played every show with us since 2013.

Sigurður Júlíus Bjarnason, aka Siggi Kanzki, is a skater, the administrator of the Reykjavík Board Association and the owner of the skateboard brand Kanzki, which has been on the rise lately.

When did you start skating?

I started skating in 1995, but I´m 31 years old. That was when I bought my first board, which was a Mike Carroll pro model from Girl, at Týndi Hlekkurinn. I´d been trying it out with various people for a little less than a year, but nothing serious.

How did you develope an interest in skateboarding?

I think it was just the zeitgeist, and I was a regular at Tónabær. Other than that, there was always this vibe and some had skateboards and other were break dancing and you experienced this there, and there was a lot of growth, and this was something new to me. This was really the impetus for me to start skating. Soon after I started skating and gaining balance, the skateboard became my constant companion, and I started hanging out day out and day in with my buddies, and one thing led to another. where icelandic music and culture gets a loud voice!


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