Fabric Photography by Adam Barker

Bonefish are integral to the fabric of the Bahamas and are even depicted on the Bahamian 10-cent piece. One of the world’s great bonefish destinations—Abaco—is in the Bahamas and is famous for numbers and sizes of fish. Occasionally, you have to dodge storms, but that shaft of light moving across the flat can illuminate a school of bones and give you an opportunity to listen to your reel zing.
Toward the end of the summer of 2019, a storm came through that couldn’t be dodged. Hurricane Dorian ripped the fabric of the Bahamas, and Abaco Island took the brunt of it. Most of the island’s buildings were leveled. However, the foundation for rebuilding—the warmth of the people and the fishery—is still intact. They just need a shaft of light, many of them, in fact, to expedite recovery. So plan, someday soon, to visit the marls of Abaco and, under blue skies, weave a part of your personal angling history into the fabric of the Bahamas.

Adam Barker fished for bonefish out of Abaco Lodge (abacolodge.com) on Abaco Island and Bair’s Lodge (bairslodge.com) on South Andros. For the time being, angling and lodging opportunities have ceased on Abaco due to devastation from Hurricane Dorian. Adam and Gray’s encourage you visit Abaco and soon as you can. See the wide variety of Adam’s work at adambarkerphotography.com.

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Photography by Adam Barker