Inside the world of Tayler Mahoney By: kayla Bucio

First year as editorial and chief, upcoming junior endeavors to complete her paper that is due at 4 pm. She was determined to get her work done by using all her knowledge and skills that she was taught in the editorial and chief leadership academy. "I am glad that i came here all because of my advisor who wanted me to apply."
Tayler Mahoney raises her hand in response to the teacher calling her name to receive her paper back. Students at the time went around pointing whose name was whose in order to prove he or she knew the names of their classmates. "We talked about goals what we want to focus on the upcoming year."
Junior teenager from Louisville Kentucky, continues to embellish her paper after receiving announcements from her instructor. She wrote about the two adults that were interviewed in the commons room. "How they feel about it and ethnically dealt with it."
Tayler Mahoney goes on to elaborate on how the other day she saw the cutest little girl playing around the IU campus. She began to imitate a rabbit that she saw along her walk to class. "i swear if the little girl is still there i'm going to wave hi to her."
First year editor and chief, Tayler Mahoney explains how she enjoys journalism and like to doodle. She was confused as to why she wasn't put in photo journalism because she was in yearbook at her own high school however, has learned a lot from the class. "Harder to apply it to my actual daily basis."
Tayler Mahoney states how she has made the most out of her class because she believes that she has gain a lot of useful knowledge on her course. She smiled at her phone because she was on the phone with one of her friends. "Human kind and be both so be kind."

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