Volcanoes By: Abdelrahman moustafa

Volcanoes are normal mountains with tubes going through the middle of them. lava flows through this tube and erupts out of the top. This eruption only happens when the volcano is filled to the top. The lava comes from the 1,800 mile underground layer filled with the molten lava. There is not only one type of volcano but many that I will be telling you about.

The 3 types of volcanoes are Cinder Cone Volcanoes, Composite Cone Volcanoes, Shield Volcanoes. The first one we will be talking about are Cinder Cone Volcanoes because they are the most simple. They are mainly mountains with tubes of lava in the middle of the volcano they also have least lava out of all the volcanoes.

The next volcano is the Shield volcano they are the biggest volcanoes and can reach 100 miles across as its base. They have lava flowing parallel to side. A shield volcano in Hawaii is the biggest one mountain in the world. Standing 30,000 feet over the ocean floor. Last but not least, Composite Volcanoes are medium in size. They usually have small creates on there sides and they are recognizable as the most common volcanoes in movies.

This picture is an example of Aa lava because it is flowing fast down the slop of the mountain.

There are 2 types of lava, Pahoehoe and Aa lava. Lets start with Aa lava. Aa lava flows rapidly down the sides of the volcano and increases in viscosity which means it is getting thicker and expanding in size. The second type of lava is Pahoehoe lava or Pillow lava it is usually found underground. Ones the lava drys up and starts to crack it starts overflow and more lava comes out of the cracks.

Points And Facts

  • Volcanoes are usually found were tectonic plates meet
  • The word volcano originally comes from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan
  • Hot liquid rock under the Earth’s surface is known as magma, it is called lava after it comes out of a volcano
  • Most people think of volcanoes are large cone shaped mountains but that is just one type, others feature wide plateaus, fissure vents
Most frequently erupting volcano

The most erupting volcano is Stromboli. Stromboli is a special type of volcano that is always erupting and never stops. Fortunately it is located in an ocean an all the eruptions end up in the sea.

Parts of a Volcano

The End


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