Charlotte N.C; peaceful march This man is thanking these soldiers for their servicE

A march is an active peaceful protest. The meaning of a March is to go against a decision or event that has happened. For example in North Carolina many civil right activists marched on the streets of Charlotte.

On September 23, 2016 many African Americans gathered the streets of Charlotte North Carolina to protest against the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. This protest lasted three nights. The city announced that a curfew would be made so everyone that was protesting has to end by midnight each night. The police and military knew that this was a strong event so they showed their respect for the protesters and did not force protesters to leave. All these people were looking for peace and equality

The proster with the soldier feels like this protest was very meaningful. "This is the right way to do it. Last night, we messed up. We let things get out of hands. But tonight, we were going to show the world that this is how we come together to protest." (Article from Cnn)

On the second night a protester shot a policeman. On the third night the protesters knew that things got out of hand the night before so they decided to show the people who keep our world safe by risking their lives respect. The third night was about thanking the soldiers. Protesters hugged national guards shook their hands took pictures.

"A boy named Antonique Alexander went a step further, pinning a flower on a police officers lapel." This showed great respect and kindness. This showed that most peaceful protests work and they bring people together.

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