Join Fellow UArizona Sports Alumni in this great cause for Adaptive Sports TIU and UArizona Adaptive Sports are using golf to make a difference in Southern Arizona for adaptive youth, veterans, and athletes

Join these great athletes, who attended University of Arizona, in advancing Adaptive Athletics and our newest sport, Adaptive Golf, the first Adaptive Golf program in collegiate sports. Make sure you watch each video in this piece, as they will give you a tremendous insight into some of the great things happening at UArizona....

Just a few of the great athletes who attended University of Arizona

We're calling on all community members and UArizona Alumni to help us make a difference in the lives of adaptive youth, veterans and athletes throughout Southern Arizona. Join us in three of the most innovative and exciting developments in UArizona Adaptive Sports as we turn Tucson into the epicenter of Adaptive Golf. Having helped the UArizona start the nation's first collegiate Adaptive Golf Team, TIU is taking a leadership role in awareness, fund raising, and the operations of a variety of programs to further our mission. We are starting this program with three specific programs:

The Best Benefit Tournament in Southern Arizona....

TeeItUp Spring Shootout 2021 to benefit UArizona Adaptive Sports

We're now looking to make the second annual TIU Shootout the “adaptive pro-am” event prior to the Conquistador (see below) in April 2021 as opposed to a standalone event, as combining both we feel would have more of a PR impact (and be financially more viable) than a standalone event. Come out and enjoy a great round of golf, play with Adaptive Golfers and compete for some awesome prize packages. After the round, we will put on an epic Wildcat Tailgate BBQ for the Awards ceremony where you will get to meet the UArizona Adaptive Golf Team, our sponsors, and many of the World Top 100 Ranked Adaptive golfers who will be competing in the Conquistador starting the following day. Let's do this and make Tucson great!

Now the 2021 Games

With the postponement of the Paralympic Games we need to support these UArizona athletes as best we can so they can continue to train and represent the school in it’s best light. This isn't just about golf, it's about the UArizona Adaptive Athletic program and promoting the program to the best of our abilities.

The Conquistador Paragolf Championships, the "4th major in Adaptive Golf" to benefit UArizona Adaptive Golf and TIU4ALL.

  • We will host a 54 hole pan disability open championship (preceded by the TIU Spring Shootout) which will showcase many of the top ranked amputee, wheelchair, vision impaired, and single limb golfers in the world.
  • We are actively seeking local and national financial partners and sponsors to assist in the underwriting of the tournament, with proceeds from the tournament going to local youth/adaptive golf programs, select adaptive veterans golf programs, and Native American youth golf programs in the state of Arizona.
  • We will provide the adaptive golfers with golf and amenities at a level not unlike a PGA event, with the help of our friends at Visit Tucson and others crucial community members. This would not only have the potential of being a major tournament in adaptive golf, but an event of which Tucson can be proud.
Our Team, Benefactors and our Indoor Practice Facility
Using Golf as the vehicle to assist those of different abilities and needs

TIU4ALL, a 501 (3c) "not for profit" organization in the process of formation, will provide free golf lessons and clinics to adaptive and "at risk" youth/familes, disabled veterans and first responders. While this is a new venture, our vetted prospective instructors have a combined 45 years experience and their respective organizations gave over 7500 adaptive golf lessons in 2019 alone. We collectively feel that TIU4ALL can have the biggest impact on youth/adaptive life development in the Southwest by using golf as the vehicle to enhance the lives and structure of those who need it most.

Golf instructor providing guidance to a rolling athlete!

Our number one fan, Mr. Jim Click, and our first adaptive golf team member, vision impaired, Chris Schmidt....

Mr. Click in the golf simulator in the Student Center....the man has a "MEAN" swing!!!

The Team, the benefactors, and the Athletic Director, Mr. Peter Hughes, AD Adaptive Sports UArizona.

We are confident that with your support, we can not only showcase Tucson, but make a huge difference in many deserving lives. Won't you step up and make a difference in the Tucson Community?

To make this great effort happen

We will be reaching out to both old and potential new sponsors, UArizona Alumni, TIU partners, and supporters starting June 25 with new promotional and collateral material that will outline sponsorship opportunities as well as event information. Get on our mail list (click below) to make sure you're kept up to date!

Pretty much our mantra.....Go Big or Go Home!!
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