Covering Scent Doesn’t Cut It.

Only Carbon Skin

“Stops It Where It Starts”.

The all-new lineup of Carbon Skin products REVOLUTIONIZES scent control for hunters. Other products simply cover or mask human scent.

Only Carbon Skin absorbs and neutralizes scent from the human body. Carbon Skin is powered by our proprietary Nuetra-plex enzyme system. All-natural Nuetra-plex uniquely combines absorption and neutralization attributes to stop scent where it starts – on the skin’s surface. Carbon Skin has undergone rigorous lab and field-testing for proven scent elimination. And Carbon Skin stops scent for 12 full hours.

Why mess around with covering your scent when Carbon Skin, “Stops It Where it Starts”.


  • Solving the Scent Problem
  • A Better Solution
  • Our Technology
  • The Science of Products
Stop Scent Where It Starts


Scent Elimination Lotion

Carbon Skin Product's Scent Elimination Lotion, is one of its kind. Apply Enzyme Based Lotion directly to the skin. Our Scent Elimination Lotion absorbs odor and bacteria and neutralizes it. Carbon Skin's proprietary formulation is long lasting--eliminating scent for up to 12 full hours. Provided a protective layer, sealing fluffing dead skin cells from escaping. More than enough time, for a great day in the field.

Scent Elimination Apparel Spray

It's time for complete scent control. Carbon Skin Product's Scent Elimination Apparel Spray provides an additional level of protection. Providing a secondary barrier for your hunt. Water resistant and UV protection, Carbon Skin Product's Scent Elimination Apparel Spray, gives that hunter the extra edge for success.

Scent Elimination Body Scrub

Eliminate scent from head to toe. Carbon Skin Product's Scent Elimination Body Scrub, first and for most exfoliates the skin, while armoring it against odor causing bacteria. Opening the pours with deep cleaning. Carbon Skin Products Scent Elimination Body Scrub truly "Stops Scent Where It Starts."

Scent Elimination Detergent

Highly concentrated Laundry Detergent works naturally to eradicate odor from your gear. Insuring your hunt starts SCENT FREE. Each bottle of Carbon Skin Product's Scent Elimination Detergent contains enough product for up to 40 loads-enough for a hard season in the field.

Glow Smoke Wind Checker

Carbon Skin Product's award winning, Top 10 Most Innovative Products at 2016 ATA Show; our Glow Smoke Wind Checker. Use day or night, out Patent Pending Glow Smoke Wind Checker is one of its kind. Charge by light source, wind direction is obtainable in low light or no light conditions. Charge will last up to 15 minutes on full charge. If your Whitetail or Predator hunting our Glow Smoke Wind Checker will point you in the successful direction all the time.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, for your everyday fisherman out there. Our...


Carbon Skin Product's, innovative Fish-Be-Gone. Landing several fish usually means your having a great day fishing. Fish-Be-Gone takes that fishy smell off in no time flat. Work the lotion thoroughly all over your hands. You'll smell the difference right away. Best of all, Carbon Skin Products Fish-Be-Gone works naturally to eradicate the distinctive smell of fish. Try it once and your boat mates will be begging to use it.


Solving the Scent Problem

Hunters hate scent. A hunters disdain for scent is understandably justified. A whiff of human odor puts a grazing elk or deer onto high alert – possibly blowing the chance for a shot. Worse still human scent is enough to turn game away, even before they can be seen.Bow hunters were the earliest adopters of scent control products, but all hunters stand to benefit from a solid scent control regime. With the introduction of the new Carbon Skin products line for Fall 2016 hunters now have a superior scent control system. Carbon Skin is like nothing else on the market today.

A Better Solution

Our passion for hunting led us to the creation of Carbon Skin. Powered by the proprietary performance of Nuetra-plex this revolutionary process absorbs and neutralizes human odor at its source – the skin’s surface. Only the technology of Nuetra-plex combines microcapsules of absorbing enzymes with a uniform wall of antibacterial to neutralize human odor. Carbon Skin is not a mask or containment of human odor. Instead Carbon Skin eradicates odor on the skin’s surface. When it comes to a hunter’s scent only Carbon Skin Stops It Where It Starts!

Our Technology

Carbon Scent is not another me-too product. When we set out to create Carbon Skin products we knew it was imperative to utilize a disruptive technology. To do that we started with how human odor occurs. Human odor is a perceived unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria on the skin break down sweat into acids. Since the average body has three to four million sweat glands there’s a pretty good possibility that hiking to the ridgeline to glass for elk or climbing into the tree stand is going to produce sweat. In turn bacteria turns your sweat into acids that produce a smell. A smell that’s a red flag to big game.

The Science of Carbon Skin

While there is no silver bullet for eliminating human odor we knew that attacking scent where it starts could produce revolutionary results. Our Neutra-Plex Enzyme system, is a unique cationic surfactant proven to neutralize a wide range of malodors. The ingredient functions effectively by complexing or neutralizing specific organic molecules and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase, Due to the effectiveness of the product. Body odor is primarily caused by the bacterial decomposition of lipids or proteinaceous matter secreted by the apocrine glands. The decomposition products, such as low molecular weight fatty acids, mercaptans, amines, indoles, ammonia and hydrogen disulfide, are the compounds responsible for the unpleasant odor. Field tested studies have shown, that Carbon Skin Products has the unusual ability to neutralize the unpleasant odors of organic molecules. Carbon Skin Products, offers a dual functionality unlike any Product on the market. First, it is a unique deodorizer. Carbon Skin Products, actually neutralizes various malodors by forming a complex with them.

Here at Carbon Skin Products, is the manufacture THE BEST, HIGH END Scent Elimination Product for the everyday hunter. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A

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