Criminal Psychology Isabelle Ludka

What is Criminal Psychology?

Throughout history, there has been those people that we consider the worst of the worst. The most horrible people in society who have done horrible things. Throughout history, we've been trying to prevent those people from existing. But can we? Are criminals born criminals, or are they raised to be monsters?

The word criminal is a broad topic, and within it are subtopics galore. Two of the most popular topics of interest are sociopathy vs. psychopathy. Most people don't even know the difference, but there is one.

While sociopaths take up 4% of the population, psychopaths only take up 1%.

The differnece is facination actually.

Psychopaths are people who cannot feel the same emotions as any normal person. They find it hard to communicate with anyone, and sometimes they even find joy in causing pain in others.

Sociopaths can feel human emotions, but they can't sympathize with others as easily s anyone normal. They are almost imposssible to spot, seeing as most can fake emotions easily.

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