Social Darwinism By: JP, Dalton, Liam, and Chris

We took our assigned statement to mean something related to Scoial Darwinism

Some of the people thought that these people represented our topic: John D. Rockerfeller, Andre Carnegie, JP Morgan, and Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Rockefeller controlled the oil industry in America and people questioned his methods in monopolizing the U.S oil industry.

Carnegie controlled the American steel industry.

JP Morgan controlled the banks and people thought he was a little shifty in his dealings.

Vanderbilt controlled the railroads although some of his methods were a little bit on the shady side.

The idea that justified these men and their success was Social Darwinism.

People saw business like the natural world.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution states that only the strong would survive. These business men saw themselves as the strong. Therefore, they were to be the ones who would succeed.

Another idea that justified success was pragmatism.

This theory was developed by William James in 1907.

Pragmatism's basic principle was success came from an ideas practical application.

This is shown through Carnegie's development of new steel production.

The idea was great but until it was applied it was not successful.

An idea that justified the rich helping the poor was the Gospel of Wealth.

Written by Andrew Carnegie the Gospel of Wealth said the rich should donate their money to help society.

This helped pave the way for modern philanthropy and philanthropists such as Bill Gates.

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