Worry By Kacey

I deal with you too much

You’re in my head when the dark comes

I don’t like you

You come to me uninvited but i'm not surprised

I forgot how to get rid of you

You yell at me

You mock me and make me feel stupid

I feel you touch me when I lay awake

I don’t need you

Nor do I want you

You set traps for me and my friends to fall into

You make us question ourselves

You stress me out

You make me question myself

I don’t understand

You hide and when the storm hits

You make things worse

The storm will clear soon

You’ll get bored and the sun will shine

Until then

I’ll wait


They judge her

They see her but they don’t understand her

They watch her cry

No arms open rejecting her

They want the best

She’s the best she just doesn’t look like it

She’s colored

It’s more than just the color of her skin

She’s bright

Filled with knowledge and happiness

They don’t understand

She’s the very best

She can do anything

She cries

She asks herself if she’s enough

If only they knew


I see joy in their faces

Nothing more than happiness

It's pure

And it's rare

For a moment-

In That moment

There were no worries

No tears

Just laughter

A picture speaks a thousand words

Theyre happy and whats happened in the past

Doesn't matter anymore

It's just in that moment

It was pure happiness that wasn't



He's as orange as they come

He says he wants to make america great again

But it's already great

We’ve all come so far

Giving rights to everyone no matter who they love

We’ve still got a long way to go

He's gonna take all that away

All the progress wv’ve done- gone

We’re united

We didn’t want him

But now we have to bear the pain

And see things from his view


Created with images by haley8 - "Blues" • kevin dooley - "Blue afternoon" • AnnaD - "copic marker pen" • Wow_Pho - "dog cute pet" • Megyarsh - "Tears are tasteless"

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