What Kind of media institution might distribute you media product and why? Eve Friel


During the creation of both mainstream and independent film, Production, Distribution, Exhibition and regulations are extremely important in the creation of a media product. During the creation of our short horror sequence, it was crucial that we found a suitable distribution company, as well as a regulate the sequence in accordance to the BBFC guidelines. Furthermore, we had to create a production company which would distribute our sequence to suitable exhibitions.

Production Company

The Production company are the leading force in the creation of a media text; production companies find the cast and crew, film and construct the final draft of a film or sequence. Production companies are a pivotal part of the formation of a media sequence, as they create the media product which is then forwarded to the distribution company.

There are many Examples of both independent and mainstream production companies which play a leading role in Hollywood. The 'Big Six' are the six leading production companies which front film production, this is known as a monopoly. These production companies are:

  • Disney
  • Warner Bros
  • Columbia
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Universal Pictures
  • Paramount Pictures

However, as our sequence is targeted at a more niche audience, we realised the importance of creating a major-minor production company, so that it could be viewed by both our target niche audience, but also reach a mainstream audience.

Red Balloon Films

The production company that we created was named 'Red Ballon Films'. We designed this name as we believed that it would give the audience important hints that our sequence conformed to many psychological horror expectations, such as including lots of iconography. After extensive research before the creation of our sequence, we started to understand the effect of encourperating children into our sequence. We believed that it was also important to focus around children when making a production company. The name 'Red Balloon Films' was used as we believed that it reflected the toys in which children are often shown to be playing with in horror films.

We created our production company logo in Adobe AfterEffects to be used in the fronting titles of our sequence. This is important as it highlights our knowledge of the conventional opening title sequence


After extensive research into more ideal production companies to produce our final sequence, we came across BlumHouse Productions. This was based on Budget, Narrative, Cast, genre and Target Audience.

BlumHouse Productions

BlumHouse Productions is a UK based production company which focuses on independent horror films such as The Purge, Paranormal Activity and Insidious. BlumHouse Productions focus on independent films with a strong focus on narrative and the characters, as well as targeting a more niche audience and having a low production value along with following atypical conventions of horror. Due to the independent nature of our sequence, a mainstream production company would not choose to produce our film due to our target niche audience and low production value, as well as our lack of star-power. BlumHouse Productions don't tend to spend over $3million (with a few exceptions) on budgeting for a film, and will therefore fit our low budget production.

Distribution Company

Distribution Companies are extremely important as they provide the financing for films, as well as distribute to exhibitions, sell merchandising and advertise the film. The distribution company is extremely important as mainstream distribution companies tend to only fund films that will appeal to a large target audience, and will therefore distribute the film on a higher level, wheres independent distribution companies will not likely have the budget to distribute to the same amount of exhibitions as a mainstream distribution company, as they tend to distribute films with a more niche audience.

Examples of mainstream distribution companies:

  • Warner Brothers
  • Dreamworks
  • Universal
  • Pixar
  • Summit Entertainment

Examples of Independent distribution companies:

  • Icon
  • Vertigo Films
  • Sun Dance
  • ifp
  • Bankside Films

Entertainment One are known for being the biggest independent multi-territory distributor. Having distributed films such as 'Girl on the Train' we believe that Entertainment One films are very knowledgeable about psychological horror distribution, due to the commercial and box office success of 'Girl on the Train'. We knew that an independent distribution company would be most likely to distribute our film as we have no stars, a niche target audience and a low production budget. Entertainment One has distributed films in a plethora of different ways; Online streaming such as Netflix, DVD, and to Cinema. However, due to the niche target audience, we would expect out production of 'The Book' to be released straight to DVD. We also believed that Entertainment One could show our production at Film Festivals, as it is cheap and reaches a large amount of people who may be of a niche audience.

Furthermore, Entertainment One is a media conglomerate meaning that our production of 'The Book' can have the opportunity to be spread over a vast range of media platforms.

The bbfc are the british board of film certification. They rate the age of films so that young children and impressionable audiences are protected against harmful material. All decisions are made based on public consultation as well as their strict guidelines, which give them the ability to reject all harmful or illegal material.

After extensive research into the guidelines which the bbfc hold, I have come to the conclusion that our production of 'The Book' should be a 12A. This is due to the violent nature of the child, who has a significant role in the narrative, as well as the use of imitable behaviour (use of weaponry; knives are used in our sequence) as many younger and impressionable children should not be shown this kind of behaviour.

We have decided not to class our film at a 15 as we believe that due to the lack of sexual references, drugs, discrimination and bad language, we believe that an audience of twelve year olds, assisted, should be mature enough to understand the narrative, the psychological sub-genre and understand the horror conventions throughout our sequence.


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