passions project

Why should children start young:self-confidence.There is nothing like piloting your own craft at the age of 9.Riding a bike is one thing.But docking a sailing boat is another.Spacial awareness.When kids learn to navigate a boat through narrow places and tight tuns.sense of learn to pick land marks and other objects to either find your way home or go somewhere you know where a storm or the wind comes from.If your child is a sailor they will learn where storms are made and where they come from they will learn where is wind is and how its made.Shipshape will learn how to rig and unrig a boat. kids will learn to put things away in the right places and keep them tidy.These are some reasons your children should give it a try. From more information go to

defending my passion:My passion should not be illegal it is a great sport it teachers people about the weather and the ocean.This sport is a world sport meaning anyone in the world can compete and race who ever they like.

World Campinas form WA

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