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Last class Ms. McCall explained this project and I am so confused and have no idea what this project is ever gonna look like or what I'm ever even supposed to do after I sketch six sketches.

Update: still don't understand whats happening and my sketches are taking me 18 years and I suck at drawing

I am starting to understand this project a little bit more but I still don't really get what its supposed to look like at the end. I am coloring my cover page right now. I think I am behind everyone else because I have been absent.

I understand this project finally I think because I saw the finished product but I have come to the conclusion that it is going to take forever. Like I will be working on this on my death bed. But at least I understand it now.

I need to grind on my project today because I have a lot of work to do. I am going to attempt water color at some point today. I have never used it before so that should be interesting. Stay tuned to see if I mess it up.

Im back on the grind from spring break but my project is even uglier than i remember.

I finished my first side with marker and water color and now I am waiting for it to dry. Then I will start drawing on my other side next class.

I finished the first side last class and now i need to start drawing on the other side. I don't know exactly what Im going to put on the other side yet.

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