中共外交部发言人汪文斌最新问答 "花絮 【英中对照翻译】

新闻来源:外交部发言人办公室;发布时间:2020年9月16日 / September 16, 2020



These are reactions of Wang Wenbin published from the WeChat account of the CCP Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Office to journalists’ questions about the reported foreign influence from the CCP that has been under investigation in Australia, and about US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo's observation that more and more countries are in support of the US world outlook. Just as always, this spokes person of the CCP lied through his teeth about CCP’s blatant violation of international laws in its diplomatic activities, even when they have been caught red-handed. Also, in the face of increasing exposure of their biological attacks to the entire world, including the Chinese people, with the deadly CCP virus, as exposed by Dr. Limeng Yan's latest scientific report, they chose to attack Secretary Pompeo for pointing out this simple fact rather than admitting their own crimes against humanity. Their shamelessness went even as far as jeering the US for inadequate response to the coronavirus epidemic for which they are the real culprit.

这是汪文斌从中共外交部发言人办公室的微信账号上发表的对记者提问的反应,内容是关于据说中共在澳大利亚被调查的来自中共的外国影响力,以及美国国务卿蓬佩奥(Michael Pompeo)认为越来越多的国家支持美国的世界观。就像以往一样,这位中共发言人对中共在外交活动中公然违反国际法的行为咬牙切齿地撒谎,甚至在他们被当场抓获的情况下也是如此。另外,面对闫丽梦博士最新科学报告所揭露的他们用致命的中共病毒对全世界包括中国人民进行生物攻击的情况越来越多,他们却选择攻击彭培奥国务卿,因为他指出了这个简单的事实,而不是承认自己的反人类罪行。他们的无耻甚至嘲笑美国对冠状病毒疫情反应不足,而他们才是真正的罪魁祸首。



Wang Wenbin: Stop politicizing and stigmatizing the normal functions of the Chinese Embassy in Australia


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Office


According to the "Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Office," a reporter asked at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 16, the Australian Federal Police intercepted communications between Chinese diplomats in Australia and Australian parliamentarian advisers, who were involved in a case of "foreign influence" investigation. Would China confirm it? Any comment?


Wang Wenbin: We have noticed the relevant report. The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney has stated its position on the matter. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Australia have always abided by international laws and basic norms of international relations, and have always been committed to promoting friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between China and Australia in various areas. The allegation by certain media "consulate-general and its officials engaged in infiltration activities" is an utterly groundless and malicious slander. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to it.


I want to emphasize once again that China pursues an independent foreign policy of peace. China has never "interfered with" or "infiltrated" other countries. This is not China's way of doing things and it is not in its cultural genes. Some people in Australia are keen to instigate anti-China sentiments to attract attention and poison the atmosphere of Sino-Australian relations through smearing and attacking China. We urge those people on the Australian side to abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice, stop politicizing and stigmatizing the normal functions of the Chinese embassies and consulates in Australia, and refrain from creating new troubles and obstacles to China-Australia relations.


America is becoming less and less popular


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Office


According to the "Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Office," at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 16, a reporter asked: According to reports, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo stated at American Think Tank Atlantic Council Online Forum that, more and more countries are in support of the US world outlook, and the world's perception of the "threat" of the Chinese Communist Party has undergone a robust change. What is China’s response to this?


Wang Wenbin: Pompeo is always in disregard of facts and full of lies, missing no occasion to slander and smear China. This is in full view of the international community.


Contrary to Pompeo's claim that more and more countries support the US worldview, many investigative reports show that under the influence of the misguided foreign policy steered by Pompeo and the like, the image of US is becoming increasingly unpopular. A recent report by the European Commission on Foreign Relations showed that the United States is losing the trust of the people of many European countries, and the image of the United States has "severely deteriorated" in their minds due to the crisis of the epidemic. The 2020 "Best Country" report shows that the world's trust in the United States has fallen by 50% in the past two years, the largest decline in the world. The annual survey report on the U.S. Gallup website shows that "U.S. leadership continues to be unpopular in the world." In particular, the United States’ European traditional allies have the lowest support for its "leadership". The Pew Research Center surveyed 37 countries and found that only 20% agree that the United States handles international affairs appropriately. Another poll released by the Pew Research Center yesterday showed that due to factors such as inadequate response to the coronavirus epidemic, favorability for the United States by countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and so on have fallen to the lowest point in history.


We once again urge Pompeo and his like to respect the facts and stop chattering against China. Otherwise it will only incur greater resentment from the Chinese people and the righteous people in the international community.

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