Our Recovery Curriculum Approach Mapplewell Primary School


At Mapplewell Primary School our intention is to deliver a Recovery Curriculum to enable pupils to catch up and to support pupils in re-establishing friendships and reconnect with staff, as we recognise the impact lock down may have had on social and emotional as well as academic outcomes.

Curriculum Implementation September 2020

There is a heavy evidence base that suggests that high quality teaching within the classroom is proven to have the biggest impact on the progress that pupils make in their educational journey. This research expands to more able groups, disadvantaged groups and those with special educational needs. Much of this research has been conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation, who argue that for schools this high quality engagement in the classroom should be at the forefront of each schools recovery curriculum.


At Mapplewell we aim to implement an engaging and collaborative curriculum that gives focus to gaps in knowledge due to lost learning time. Our teaching approach will still follow the accelerated learning cycle to ensure consistency and retain high levels of engagement in all subjects. Within the weekly timetable there will be a dedicated lesson to PSHE allowing pupils to focus on their mental well-being and rebuilding confidence and relationships. This will also give them an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon their time during lock down and share their experiences. As always we recognise the importance of the link between school and home and will continue to provide home learning opportunities through seesaw, so that you can fully support your child.

Here is an example of class timetable. Each day will have assigned lesson time dedicated to the recovery curriculum including PSHE.
Teachers have created 'S plans' to map objective that pupils will be covering in their up and coming teaching units. Teachers have created plans that marry up objectives from the pupil's current year group curriculum with the previous years curriculum. This will ensure that any lost teaching due to COVID - 19 is mapped out and taught in depth to ensure gaps in knowledge are addressed rapidly.

Through careful monitoring and ongoing assessment of pupils need, we will strive to close the gaps that have developed in the pupils time away from school. Pupils deserve to experience joy and to be engaged if they are to feel secure and positive about being in school again. We will endeavour to build children's self esteem through positively promoting the school values which will be embedded in every lesson. With a combination of extra time dedicated to core subjects, the dedication to PSHE and mental wellbeing and collaboration with parents and carers through home learning we will help all our pupils to make progress in all aspects of their learning.

How will this ensure my child misses any lost learning?

The curriculum we will offer will still be broad and balanced however opportunities for Literacy and Maths links, in wider curriculum subjects, will be made to maximise opportunities for learning to be embedded.

The taught curriculum for each year group will be carefully planned ensuring it meets needs. The previous summer term curriculum will be dove tailed into the current autumn curriculum to ensure a recovery approach is taken and not just the teaching of the missed curriculum. This ensures children are 'catching up' and not just 'keeping up' as they would always be 6 months behind.

In September, trackers from the previous year will be used to identify starting points and gaps in learning. This, alongside a HCAT year on a page documents will be used to identify missed learning from the summer term. Where necessary, in certain year groups, 'mini' baseline assessments will be used to identify particular areas where pupils have forgotten or misunderstood key concepts, to ensure that new material being covered builds on secure foundations. This data will also be used to identify pupils who would benefit from additional catch-up support.

In order to further promote progress, effective formative assessment, marking and feedback and adult interaction within lessons is firmly embedded into our approach to teaching and learning. All pupils are supported to develop, progress and move their learning forward through support, questioning and feedback. Pupils demonstrate the impact this has on improving their learning through editing and response.

Contingency Planning

During this uncertain time we are aware that parents and carers are concerned about the school closing due to lockdown and pupils returning to home learning. At Mapplewell, we will ensure that should such a situation occur that pupils will still have access to high quality education. Teaching will be recorded and shared through seesaw. Teachers will continue with their current teaching units and will send home recorded messages to ensure pupils have acces to high quality teaching input. Pupils will then be given engaging and exciting tasks to do at home, which they can then upload for feedback from their class teacher. We highly recommend that all families and carers promote regularly signing in and checking seesaw regularly so that they are ready to use seesaw as a regular learning platform should the school need to close.


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