Beckham Both feet on the ground

Published October 14, 2003

David Beckham is a famous retired soccer player from England. Beckham was born May 2, 1975 in London, England. He played on many different teams in many different leagues throughout his career. He is best known for his free kicks and the term "Bend it like Beckham".

The autobiography takes place in England through Beckham's early life and his early career from 1975 - 2003. The book takes you through the life of David Beckham and all his challenges of making it to the professional level of soccer. The hardships of him growing up smaller than everyone else and the struggles of the higher and higher levels.

As a kid David never had support for achieving his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, the only people who supported his was his family. All the other adults in his life never saw the potential he had.

David had an internal conflict when he was getting offers from multiple different teams from England but he really wanted to go to Manchester United because that is the team that he and his family loved. He had to decide whether to take the offers from other BPL teams or wait for Manchester United.

David had another conflict when he could not stop thinking about his future wife Victoria, he had trouble deciding to focus more on her or soccer.

I like how Beckham writes the book in a cohesive order and doesn't skip around in his life, but i dislike how the book can drag on during unimportant parts in his life.

I like the in depth look at the becoming of a world famous soccer superstar and his humble beginnings. I don't like how the story doesn't go to the end of Beckham's career but instead is stanched when the book was written.

The them of this book is determination for your goals, this is seen when Beckham fights through his tough adolescence because he is smaller than any other player, but still becomes a pro. Also when he fights to get the attention and eventually the love of his wife Victoria.

A symbol in this autobiography is the pitch that David used during and after his fathers own practices. This pitch represents the dedication and hard work David put into his foot skills and especially free kicks.

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