Political party investigation CAT By Elly Cooney


Q1- What is the role of a political party in the Australian government?

In the Australian government the role of a political party is an organisation made up of people who support the same views and this determines the way Australia is run.

Q2- List and explain the roles of 5 key figures in your chosen political party?

Richard Di Natale: Senator for Victoria

Janet Rice: Senator for Victoria

Adam Bandt: MP for Melbourne

Ellen Sandell: MLA for Melbourne

Mike McEvoy: Apart of the Yarra city council

Q3- When was the party established/formed?


Q4- What is the main focus of the political party?

Environmental sustainability

Social and economic justice

Grassroots democracy

Peace and no violence

Q5- List at least 10 policies of the party and their stance on these policies?

The Australian greens believe....

  1. Animals deserve our care and respect and we have a duty of care to reduce physical and physiological suffering of animals
  2. Universal rights are important and need to be respected by everyone and in all different countries.
  3. Equal rights for everyone no matter what culture, religion, gender and any other differences
  4. We must recognise Aboriginal and Torres straight islander people's rights to land, water and resources.
  5. Work with Aboriginal and Torres straight islander people to make decisions.
  6. Wealth, income, power, possessions or locations should not make a difference to educational outcomes.
  7. Access to health care is a basic human right
  8. To completely remove poverty in Australia
  9. . Children have the right to grow up in a loving and nurturing environment with no abusers nay sort , neglect or discrimination
  10. That we are to be welcoming community's that respect and accept all different cultures and backgrounds
  11. Eliminating marine pollution and harmful and toxic waste dumping
  12. To maintain Australia's ecosystem and the variety of species

Q6)Explain what position within the Parliament the party currently holds, and what does this position involve the party to do?

A minor opposition party, the opposition roles include:

  • closely examining the work of the government
  • asking the government to explain its choices and actions
  • Debating and examining bills and proposed law as in parliament
  • Examining important issues

Q7 - Explain the roles of both The House of Representatives the Senate

House of Representatives

Is a chamber of Australian Parliament referred to as the "lower house". The government is formed in the house of Representatives. It consists of 150 representatives who are elected by the people of Australia.


Is also a chamber of Australian parliament referred to as " upper house". It has the power to make laws with the House of Representatives. It consists of 76 senators 12 from all 6 states and 2 from each mainland territories.

Q8)- Indentify/ explain the composition of the current parliament, highlighting what portion your party makes up

In the senate the greens make up 9 seats and in the House of Representatives only 1 seat this makes them a minor party in both.

Q9) - Explain how laws / bills get passed through the government to become official

The bill has to be passed by a majority vote in the House of Representatives and is then sent to the Senate to do the same or vise versa . The bill must be agreed to by both chambers and then given to the governer general. It is then sent out to the public and known as an act of parmilment

Webistes I used

  • http://www.greens.org.au
  • http://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/House_of_Representatives
  • http://www.australia.gov.au/about-government/government-and-parliament/parliament-of-australia/house-of-representatives


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2 thing I did well in undertaking this CAT was manage my time well and get trustworthy information.

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