Learning Objective #5 by Cole Gaston

Professor Interview

Q: What do you do in addition to teaching?

A: “Music geek, interested in chemistry outside of the classroom, enjoy travel, and avid shopper.”

Q: What was your major in college?

A: “Chemistry”

Q: Did you always want to be a teacher? What made you want to be one?

A: “Didn’t know until grad school. It just sort of clicked and I pursued it.”

Q: What general advice would you give to college students who feel they are overwhelmed?

A: “Just think about what you’re working towards every time it gets hard. That’s how I was able to work hard, non-stop for so long and for so much of my life. It also helps to be focused on something you enjoy.”

Q: When you see students who are not doing well, what is the most common problem they are having?

A: “Procrastination. Begin assignments when they’re assigned, go to office hours, and keep tasks written down to improve performance quickly.”

Q: Besides academics, what skills would you say are extremely important for students?

A: “Flexibility is the least talked about skill that is key to a person’s success. Show potential employers, professors, and bosses that you are able to change focus quickly and effectively. This is extremely useful and a part of a well-rounded person."

Q: For you, were your first years or later years harder in college?

A: “Taking into account new information/study habits/professor interaction you had in later years. I’d definitely say my first years. I was new to this scene and I was never the best student (study-habit-wise)”

Q: Do you find yourself happy with your job as a professor?

A: "Most definitely. I love what I do."


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