From the Horse's Mouth What our customers have to say about Arnall’s Naturals

"My husband's team roper horse began to have problems in his hocks. Our horse shoer suggested using Signature Total Plus. It was the best advise we ever received. My husband could tell the difference in just a few days. Now, his horse has the energy and speed of a much younger horse. We love the product and the customer service."

Judy McRight

"My horse was bucking and kicking like he was in pain, it was very out of character for him. My vet could not find anything wrong with him so I started him on Signature Total Plus and he's like a new horse. Very happy with it."


"This product has been incredible for all of my team sorting horses and my barn horses. I’m selling it in my store and all of my customers love it as well."

Chris Wonderly, C&J Tack Box, Pennsylvania

"Sully is a 7 yr old Shire/Irish Sport Horse. He was born and raised at my house so I know him well! The 6 months previous to starting Arnall's, Sully had become fractious, everything around him caused him concern. One month prior, he had started running away when the guys brought feed (same guys, same side-by-side, same feed, same time of day) and pawed when he finally did eat. He just looked lanky and unthrifty although he was getting good quality feed, on a regular worming program, and up to date on shots. He also had become a problem to catch and unfocused when worked. We were discussing putting him on ulcer treatment and get him tested for EPM before meeting John and Jan. We decided to try Arnall's Naturals first. Within 2 weeks, we began seeing a much more focused, steady, relaxed gelding! We could see him processing what he was being taught. He no longer paws at feed time and catching him is no longer a problem. He has developed a beautiful top line, his dapples have actually darkened, and he looks more mature. We are over the moon pleased with what we are seeing after just one month and looking forward to great things ahead!"

Ally Thompson

"I was introduced to your product at Holly Hill Horse trials this past spring. Iv put my race horse on the product and am thrilled with the results. I've made a couple of other changes to his diet and feeding program but your Total Plus supplement is a major add. His DNA put him in the “non-sweaters” category. I very carefully dodged it last summer but came close to crossing that line a number of times. As the days got hot early this year I've been holding my breath as to a very long summer. Well he had his 2nd out for the season here on the 11th. He split horses and drew away mid-stretch. It was an impressive La-bred maiden special win going a mile on the grass. In the win picture, he is covered with sweat and it was 95 degrees that afternoon. I researched the ingredients in your product and the brewers yeast base was the deciding factor to give it an honest try. Two bags in, he was tearing down the walking wheel this morning on his 3rd day off from his win this past Monday and begging to go gallop. I couldn’t be happier with his quick recovery from that big effort. I have kept him on 3 scoops a day rather than backing down to 2. With the heat here in Louisiana, I don’t have the guts to back off until it cools down some. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for horses that hit that “non-sweater” point when it gets too hot ... I really do believe the anchor in the system I've tweaked for 4 years now, (his sister was a non-sweater too and never beat it) is your product. I have thanked God for putting your booth in my way that day."

Mary Gwinner


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