Journey Log 4 Shania Steele - shanias

Shania Steele - shanias

Section 041

Journey Log #4



Assignment- For Your Audience : Reading- Murder! (Rhetorically Speaking)

This week my favorite journey was the For Your Audience assignment. It went along with the Murder! (Rhetorically Speaking) reading that helped break down rhetoric and showed different ways to interpret it through a very odd set of prompts. The article did help me understand how rhetoric influences writing and how readers may perceive different methods. Five generic facts were given to everyone to use with the prompts and interact with for the assignment. This gave everyone the opportunity to use their imaginations to complete the prompts and use their own methods of writing.

For the prompts, I googled what each prompt was referring to and for examples to help with the writing since the concept of police and coroner reports, eulogies, and closing statements. My specialization required my to look up a police template and fill in the details specific to the case. I googled "police report template" and clicked on many websites before actually finding a template that I could insert my information and fill in the blanks instead of just a picture. Figuring out what details to use and how exactly to word the report was interesting so I looked up "how to write a police report" to get ideas. For the second prompt, I also looked up how to write the coroner's report since I'd never even seen one through media. I looked up "how to write a coroner's report" then "how to write a coroner's report example" to figure out how to format for this prompt and what information would be needed. Although I have never had to write a eulogy, prompt three was pretty easy since I knew I only needed to say nice and sort of generic things and make up some memories that I had with the victim. Now prompt 3 was difficult. I've heard many closing statements on the crime television shows and thought it wouldn't be that hard but it was so I googled "how to write a closing argument". After actually figuring out what ideas to incorporate into my statement, reiterating the facts of the case and bringing up details that I provided in my police report made it easier to work with.

Although this assignment was very tedious and required a lot of work, this assignment was really fun for me and allowed me to use my imagination even if it was in a lowkey sick way. Openness was very important to use in this assignment so that I could interact and gain a complete understanding from the article. Keeping an open mind and imagination was key since the prompts were all interestingly different from regularly boring assignments usually given in class. It also gave me a chance to use my inner deceive skills that I have gained from all of the Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds that I've watched in my lifetime. Again, I really appreciate this assignment and the opportunity to understand rhetoric through real life examples and prompts.



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