A (robotic) Christmas tale This is a real Christmas tale, not only for its video outcome, but also for the people involved in it.

Once upon a time, there was a primary school teacher. She had seen Otto DIY robot, and she was working to build one and take it to her students.

So, she asked a friend to print the body parts with his 3D printer, and with the help of her husband and her son she assembled the robot.

Then she needed to find a way to make Otto easier to program, because her students are too young to learn C and C++. So, she asked for help among the Facebook community of Otto builders. She found Hien Phan, a Vietnamese engineer, who created the mBlock extension.

Now her students can program Otto with mBlock, a visual programming language and make Otto walk, dance, play and express its feelings.

For Christmas Camilo Parra Palacio, Otto's father, arranged a contest, so the teacher decided to take part in it with her students and try to win another robot together.

They did not have a 3D printer to build new clothes or accessories for Otto, but they had paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, glitters, and a lot of creativity and imagination.

They used them, and made a fantastic “comet” dress.

But they realised the comet felt alone.

So the teacher’s husband made a Christmas tree with cardboard, scissors, glue, glitters, leds and a lot of patience.

The tree could not walk, because it had only 2 servos, but it could dance and blink its leds.

The teacher and her students thought that the comet would be happy to meet the tree, so they coded both robots and made the story come true.

and Now, they are waiting for the new robot.

Thanks to all people who made this possible

Created By
Laura Cesaro

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