The Outsiders Group 4

Johnny (About the Movie)- Pony, I can’t believe I talked back to Dally, like I like him and all, but I couldn’t stand to watch him treat Cherry like that. I know that wasn’t following the code and stickin’ up and helping him, but at least I tried to make him sound cool when they asked.

Pony (About Running Away)- You did good stickin’ up for her I wish I could’ve done that. Darry hit me. I ran away and now I’m regretting it, it’s cold and I’m tired, I just want to go home. I know I could if I wanted to, I could just head home and ignore him. He couldn’t stop me from livin’ in my own home. Things would get better soon.

Johnny (About Bob Dying)- You are wrong, very wrong. Things did not get better, and now I’ve killed a Soc. It was all to protect you, stick up for you, it was self defense… We gotta run away.

Pony (About the mountains)- This place gives me the creeps, I haven’t been to church ever since the gang all went together. I miss home and the boys so much, even Darry. They’re going to make fun of us for changin’ our looks though. I just want to go back, there’s nothing to do here. At least we got the book Gone With The Wind, there’s plenty of time to read and think up here. There’s a specific poem that’s got me thinking, though. It’s called Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost. I’ve always remembered that because I’ve never quite figured out what it meant.

Pony (About response to Soda’s letter)-Thanks, Soda, I really miss you guys and I wish I never left either, but yeah, we can’t come back. Johnny would be in jail or even killed. I hope you guys can understand. Did we really get ourselves in the paper?! We sure are popular back there then, for all the wrong reasons though. Say hi to the gang for me.

Johnny (About the Fire)- I don’t regret it. Those kids were innocent and didn’t deserve to die, so I’m glad that we saved them. We would’ve done the same for one of our friends. It was really heroic, but those flames sure were hot.

Pony (About the Rumble)- The rumble was pointless, it didn’t solve anything. Everybody had a reason to fight, except me, my only reason was for self-defense. Well that and the fact that I had to stick with the gang and watch their backs and help them win. It still didn’t solve anything, and I know you’ll agree with me on that.

Johnny (About Dying)- I don’t want to die Ponyboy. Sixteen years ain’t long enough. I wouldn’t mind it but I ain’t done enough stuff yet. I don’t want to leave you guys behind either, you guys are the best family I have and I’ll miss you boys. I used to talk about killing myself but now I don’t want to. I don’t want to die Ponyboy.


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