St. Andrews (Utopia) Tre' Pritchett

Politics - St. Andrews' political system is best known as a multi-party system. It can be know as a Devolution and or a Constitutional Monarchy. Devolution is the statutory delegation from the central government of a sovereign to govern at a subnational level or lower level. In a Constitutional Monarchy, it is a form of monarchy in which the sovereign exercises their abilities in accordance with a written constitution.

Economics - This is the 43rd largest Economy in the World. As of last year, St. Andrews is the 2nd biggest in the Royal County and the 12th largest in the 28 member European Union. St. Andrews' unemployment rate is 0% and their average gross salary for one month is 2,480 pounds or about $3,814! All golf in St. Andrews is free.

St. Andrews' Currency

Religion - The major Christian Church is the Roman Catholic Church. Christianity is the biggest religion of St. Andrews making up over 15% of the entire population. Golf is a second religion to nearly all of St. Andrews.

Social Structure - There is difficult a split between the "Middle" class and the "Working" class. There is also an "Urban" class. There is no poverty in St. Andrews and everyone is given the option to choose their own healthcare or there is an affordable choice for anyone who needs a good, cheap alternative. Men and Women are both treated equally in this country.

Industry - The MAJOR industries in St. Andrews include: Banking, Construction, Education, Entertainment, biotechnology, transport equipment, oil and gas, whiskey, and tourism. St. Andrews is very well-known for its golf and whiskey!

Arts/Entertainment - St. Andrews' major arts are: Music, Fashion and Textiles, Film, Theatre, Opera, Dance, Museums, Galleries, and Architecture. St. Andrews is mostly known for their amazing museums and galleries. They have a pretty big film industry for being such a small nation as well.

National War Museum
National Museum of St. Andrews
National Museum of Flight
Riverside Art Museum


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