A Knightly Newsletter March 2021


Throughout the month of April and the first week of May our students will be taking state tests for 5th and 8th graders in science, and the AzM2 for all students. Testing info and dates for each grade level were sent to parent emails within the past two weeks. We want to remind students to get a good night's rest and then eat a good breakfast on testing days. We want our Knights to do their very best on these tests so we can more accurately determine future learning needs. Before you know it the tests will be done and we'll be into the home stretch for this school year!- Ms. Wilfert and Ms. Williams

Please remember to be safe and follow our health and safety protocols. Wear your masks, maintain appropriate social distance, disinfect and wash your hands often, don't share supplies, and keep your hands to your self. If you are not feeling well, let an adult know immediately. Parents please remember that you are expected to perform an assessment of your child's health before they leave home, including temperature and other known COVID-19 symptoms. Please send your child to school with a filled water bottle and a clean mask. Masks are available if needed on the bus and at school. Let's all do our part to stay healthy and safe.
Our next Spirit Day is scheduled for May 14th! We heard you Knights...'Dress up as your favorite character'. Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to watch our daily announcements to be 'in the know'.-Student Council
From the desk of our NJHS President, Sadie Christie: During the pandemic, the NJHS mission has been more important than ever. We've focused on providing service in many ways that work for both remote and in-person students. NJHS members have been able to volunteer for various places, including Feed My Starving Children, hospitals, and church organizations. This year, our group project was to send uplifting letters and artwork to senior centers. We hope to continue to serve our community and help share the principles that guide our members.

Knights Leading the Path!

Student Town Hall with Dr. Fourlis- Two of our students, Sadie Christie and Silvie Schmelter, participated in a virtual Student Town Hall with Dr. Fourlis and junior high students from across the district on Tuesday, March 2nd. The purpose was to gather input from student voices regarding motivation and apathy. Here is what Sadie and Silvie shared about the experience: Sadie - Being invited to join the Junior High Town Hall was a great experience. I was glad that it was a priority for the district to listen to students' opinions and gain new perspectives on how they can improve schools. I liked how the meeting topics were broad enough to where different aspects of our own school policies were mentioned, and how it was more of a conversation/discussion between everyone, with Dr. Fourlis prompting us to provide examples. It was interesting to hear the other students' experiences, including different ways they had involved both in-person and online kids at the beginning of the year, clubs they were involved in, and different career paths they were considering for the future. Overall, I thought the Town Hall was very informative and I'm honored to have been selected to voice my thoughts. Silvie - I really enjoyed being in the Student Town Hall. I feel like it was a very positive experience for me. One thing I liked about it is that the adults who were in charge were very calm and nice. This made it feel easier to answer their questions and it truly felt like there were no wrong answers. Another thing that I liked about the Student Town Hall was that the other students there were also willing to answer questions. It was really good to have a lot of virtual hands raised because it made it easier to raise your own hand because you knew there were others doing the same. I also tend to like classroom discussions and there were a lot of different ways to answer the questions they gave us. The questions were also easy to understand and short, so they felt that much easier to answer. I feel like overall it was a very positive experience and it was fun to represent my school at the Student Town Hall!

'Resilience in the Pandemic'

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce announced the winners of the 'Resilience in the Pandemic' writing contest and three of our Knights were declared the winners. Chelsea Reeves won the Grades 3-4 division, Kendall VonBurg won the Grades 5-6 division, and Alexis Kelley won the Grades 7-8 division. The winning essays will be published by the Arizona Republic in print and online! Take a look at their entries and join us in congratulating our young writers.

Robotics Tournament-GO LUGNUTS!!!!

Make sure to congratulate our LugNuts Robotics Team! In March the team won 2nd place in their state tournament. Way to be Davis Sterling, Jayden McConnel, and Dustin Harris.

Mandarin Teacher Exchange

Did you hear that on March 19th Mesa Academy had a very special guest? Dr. Thompson, a Westwood Warrior, was here to meet and share information about the I.B. Program with our Mandarin Language students and with our 4th and 5th graders. Students had great questions to ask Dr. Thompson about Westwood, The I.B. Program, and about herself. While she was here getting to know our Knights our very own Mrs. Tu spent the day with the Mandarin students at Westwood. Make sure to ask Mrs. Tu what her day was like at Westwood. This teacher exchange was the first for the I.B. Program and we look forward to more of these exchanges.

Happy Foundation Guest Speakers

Our Spanish A students put their interview skills to the test the first week of March. Sra. Sandoval’s 1st-period students and Sra. Boesch’s 2nd-period students interviewed two guest speakers from Columbia and Argentina via Webex. Our students wrote questions in Spanish and ran simulated interviews before the big day! On the day of the interviews, the students were surprised when our guest speakers decided to test the students’ skills by asking them questions as well. Of course, our Knights did a great job and the morning proved to be very successful. Our guest speakers from Happy World Foundation, along with other native-speakers, volunteer their time to help students in different parts of the world practice their language skills. Stay tuned for more virtual visits from Happy World Foundation volunteers.

What's happening this last quarter in...

Tech- Students will apply skills and techniques learned during 3rd quarter to 4th quarter IB Design projects: CB89 Web Design: 7-page website coded with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. CB91 IB Digital Technology: College and Career Multimedia Presentations. CB92 IB Animation Studio: ePortfolios and Rube Goldberg Animations. CTEC 4 will be working on animation using Video Editor from Microsoft and Google slides. CTEC 5 will be working on animation using coding blocks and Video Editor.

Art- 4th and 5th-grade students are finishing their Space Unit projects and will be moving on to their Form and Color units where they will be using clay and paint. They are excited to get messy! AR02- Students will be doing a short digital art lesson, and then they, too, will start clay.

Orchestra-  All classes will continue to prepare music for an upcoming remote concert at the end of May. 4th /5th grade orchestra will continue to work on foundational technique and skills which lay the basis for all future learning Prep/Intermediate/Advanced orchestra will build on the foundation established in the first years of playing an instrument. Orchestra students will develop their performance skills and begin learning advanced techniques that are required for increasingly complex literature.

Spanish B students will be working on a fashion show, styling their favorite artist. Spanish A students will focus on food! Restaurants, Food Trucks, and Healthy Lifestyle routines will be the talk for our 6th and 7th graders. Spanish IB students will reminisce and compare their childhoods. Later in May they will become newscasters reporting the latest news and most intriguing updates. 4th and 5th-grade students will design their own restaurant skits and research the origins of their favorite dishes.

Hang tight, this is the last quarter... You've got this KNIGHTS!- MAAS Newsletter Team, Sebastian Arrellano, Rita Lopez Rosas, Evan Reeves, Arianne Rencher, and Joey Sandoval.


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