Paying D1 College Basketball and Football Players Big-time athletes deserve a portion of the revenue they help generate

College football and men's basketball players bring us a source of entertainment that is worth paying for.

They give their all on the court and field.

However, life is not as positive for the college football player/men's basketball player as the public thinks.

Executives who did not put in the work of these student-athletes make hundreds of thousands, but the athletes do not.

Other than NCAA execs, the college coaches dominate the percentage of pocketed money at this level.

These coaches can profit off of their likeliness in every way possible while their players cannot.

They make money by giving speeches just like politicians.

There is a vast difference in the lives of coaches and players at the college level.

Coaches receive enough to pay for mansions by doing their job, but players who mostly come from poverty get no monetary reward for their work

These student-athletes are making money for an organization but still need a handout

These athletes at times do not have money for food.

These athletes display a work ethic that entitles them to a share of the profits.


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