Triangle FactoryFire By Sophie Mendoza

On March 25, 1911 there was a terrible fire at the Triangle Factory. 146 dead and 71 injured out of the 500 workers. Many were burned to death and some jumped out the windows from panic. This fire was a tragedy. After the fire Chief Crocker did an inspection and found that the building was fireproof, he also discovered how horrible the workers were treated. Dusty, dirty fire traps and terrible working conditions (Marrin273).

Frances Perkins was one of many of the many witnesses of the fire. After the fire Frances Perkins became the secretary of a committee that passed 36 new labor laws for the safety of workers. She took a commitment to safety after becoming the secretary of labor.

In 1933 Pressident Franklin Rosevelt named Frances Perkins Secretary of labor. Frances and other social reformers dedicated their lives to in sure that workers thoughout the country stay safe while working. As a result of this fire million of people have come to help United States laborers to this day(Kent277).

As a result of this fire there have been 36 new labor laws passed. The safety for workers was changed as a result of this terrible fire. Many states enacted new labor laws after the fire also.

In conclusion 36 new labor laws were enacted in 1914 and workers are treated better. Frances Perkins was inspired by the triangle factory fire to make a change in how the laborers were treated. This is a good thing because now workers are treated with the respect they deserve.


Created with images by Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Firefighters spray water on the Asch Building trying to put out the Triangle factory fire blaze, March 25, 1911"

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