The Future of Mankind By: JOanie Carosello

The Earth we live on is not invincible and needs to be protected. Humans living can protect the Earth, but also benefit. In recent years, climate change has been increasing at a vast rate which affects life upon Earth. The reason climate change has been increasing is due to the constant emissions from carbon dioxide released into the air by fossil fuels. In order to protect Earth, there needs to be a shift in energy sources. Instead of using continuous fossil fuels, the Earth's natural resources need to be utilized in uses of solar energy. Solar energy is the best energy source for the United States to rely on for because it does not increase climate change, can stimulate the economy, and it has no limit.

Climate change has disastrous consequences. It causes droughts, insect outbreaks, wildfires, declining water supplies, rapid melting of glaciers, and plant but also animal ranges to change. The effects from climate change are irreversible. The changes can have,“increased damage to or irreversible loss of unique and threatened systems, such as coral reefs, topical glaciers, endangered species, unique ecosystems, biodiversity hotspots, small island states, and indigenous communities” (Smith). The rapid rate of climate change is hurting the Earth, but climate change would be drastically decreased if there were more nonrenewable resources being used. Renewable resources are the only way climate change can be slowed down. Fossil fuels are doing nothing but increasing the rate at which climate change occurs causing more destruction the the environment humans live on.

Having a successful economy is extremely important and is at the basis of every strong nation. Critics of nonrenewable energy argue that the switch over to renewable resources would hurt the economy due to outsourcing and the closing of major oil, natural gas, coal industries. However, the switch over to renewable resources would not hurt but would help the economy. Increasing the amount of solar panels, wind mills, and other means of renewable energy would benefit the economy due to an increase of jobs that would be available. In California, Hawaii, Texas, and Minnesota, renewable sources of energy are extremely competitive. Since November 2010, there has been an increase in jobs by 123% ("Solar Energy in the United States"). The argument against renewable energy is not valid because it would simply not destroy America's economy. The Department of Energy has stated that, “As the cleanest domestic energy source available, solar supports broader national priorities, including national security, economic growth, climate change mitigation, and job creation” ("Solar Energy in the United States"). This claim again reiterates the benefits of more renewable sources. Renewable resources would not harm the economy but only improve it.

Even though fossil fuels have provided sustainable energy for centuries, there is simply not an unlimited amount. There is only a matter of time when the Earth will run out of nonrenewable sources. If the United States does not transfer and use renewable energy, our future generations will suffer for it. Since the Industrial Revolution, people worldwide have used an unimaginable amount of these nonrenewable sources. In an online article using data from the CIA World Facebook, it says, “the data shows that every year on a global scale people consume over 11 billion tons of oil in fossil fuels ("The End Of Fossil Fuels"). This is an extreme amount. The website also reveals that if we continue to use this vast amount of nonrenewable resources, we will run out by 2088. If people do not have the resources to provide them energy, the United States will crumble.

The decision to switch over to renewable energy is not easy but needs to happen. If the United States does not switch or slowly start to use more renewable sources, climate change will increase, the economy will not change, and the people will run out of resources. There will not be future generations to live because the people on Earth will have extracted everything from it. Switching over to renewable energy would only provide benefits. They would allow the United States to prosper with resources future generations would be able to use. Climate change is real and its affects are absolutely devastating. Jobs would be available in building windmills and solar panels as well as making the solar energy market more competitive nationwide. Renewable resources will never run dry and they will allow future generations to live without the thoughts of running out of the energy they depend on. The United States government and the Environmental Protection Agency need to develop a solution to switch over because it would benefit everyone, including the Earth.

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