Visiting the anthropological Museum Meeting africa

We are going to do a virtual visit to the anthropological museum, into the Africa room. With this visit we pretend our children know more about the African culture, our similarities and our differences and the things that made any culture so different and special.

Develop children knowledge about other cultures and ways to see the life.

Learn how to treat with respect to different cultures

Rating different life styles

Learn more about Africa, their costumes and way of life.

We are going to visit the anthropological museum using it webpage and we are going to talk about what we see and what we know about it. ¿Is it related with something we are working in class? ¿What are the main differences between that things and our things? ¿Are there some similarities? During the virtual visit we are going to comment and related this resource with our work at class.

The anthropological web site and its virtual visit:

And the use of videos in the net about Africa and adapted to our 3 y.o. children, like:

We are going to evaluate this activity taking the ideas of our children about the visit in a drawing book. We are going to create a book called "Africa, an exciting trip" using their drawings to put it into our school library. We are going to comment the visit in the next days before, to know what they remember and what are the most important for them.

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