Horsepower from an App? New fangled technology meets classic engine math

Horsepower goals can be elusive.

Sure you can get as much horsepower as you can afford but there's more to it than that. Building a custom vehicle or restoring a classic takes effort and planning. The RidePlan app won't add horsepower directly with a tune or even change parts for you, but it can help you plan your modifications to get the most horsepower per dollar spent.

How it works

RidePlan is a computer based engine simulation. It uses math to estimate performance of an engine and make suggestions to reach your horsepower goals.

After downloading the app you can either choose a demo car to get start quickly or enter a completely custom vehicle. Assuming you select a demo car, you can modify parameters to match your custom car.

It takes engine parameters about your cylinder heads and cams, a base tune you can modify to see what the effect of changes to air fuel ratio, boost or vacuum and weather or elevation on horsepower output and potential quarter mile times.

If you're planning a custom engine build it can help you select throttle body, fuel injector and headers to match your performance goals. You can start with a horsepower goal or 1/4 mile goal and see what it would take to get there.

How to get started

You can find current download links at

Right now it's limited to Android devices but a web version that works on a wider variety of computers is on the way (as of 3/17).

Created By
Joshua Willuhn

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