Syrian Civil War

I found out that trying to find information about all the different phases as they are actually happening is pretty difficult. Most of the information I had to find off of videos and quotes and just pull the information that I needed. Syria is a pretty simple topic to find information because it is always on the news and in articles, but do to the information needed for this project specifically, it tested my knowledge and skills trying to find all the certain information. This project has impacted the way i look at revolutions because i didn't think they were that big of a deal, I Have learned that they are what have shaped the World the way it is to this day. I have chosen to research the Syrian Civil war because it sounded like the most interesting topic considering that the US is involved in this revolution as well.

Incubation stage for Syrian Civil War

There are many things that have started long term problems for the Syrian Civil War. There have been many incidents and stories that have taken place there and been very tragic. Such as people chopping of other citizens heads, considering there have been around 4,000 people beheaded in the last 2 years according to the article, "Isis executes more than 4,000 people in less than two years". They had refused to get rid of the chemical weapons they had created and caused many brutal attacks with. Isis, a group very well known in Syria has been apart of many disasters and been responsible for over 21,000 deaths and more have been injured, Its crazy to think about. Also their government hasn't been very treacherous to the people causing them to roam around for places to sleep and find food, even though there is barely enough food for the people to buy food if they had the money. Syria is just a complete mess at the moment.

Things are starting to enrage in Syria.

There is many actions being taken in Syria right at this moment. People are being killed, heads being shopped off, chemical weapons being used. Even though it isn't the crisis phase, many things are happening that would happen in the crisis stage of the revolution. Leaders of different gangs in Syria have been targeted to be the next to be killed, so its not necessarily all the people, due to the amount of people in gang, there might be some of the innocent people hurt or even killed.

Crisis stage

Recently there have been many bombs detonated in Syria by the people because they are tired of the government not listening to them. According to the article, "The Telegraph, twin bomb blasts in Damascus, Syria", There have been 50 people killed in the 2 bomb explosions. People have been scared for their lives as people are being gunned down, blown up, or even captured and beheaded. It is a very dangerous place to be at this time. Many people have been driven out of their homes due to damage or because they want to be out of harms way and keep there family safe.

Convalescence phase of the Syrian revolution

It is a very relieving time because after all the explosions and shootings, it is finally over. Many people try to come together to rebuild their country and try to retain themselves from starting another revolution because they are still trying to recover from the recent one. Even though this revolution probably isn't over because there is still a few bomb going off every ow and then, people feel more safe than ever. According to "The Jerusalem Report", "Many armed troops have been sent into the country to get it under control". In conclusion it is starting to become a very stable country like it once was.

Modern revolution Vs. historical revolution

There are many similarities and differences between modern and Historical revolutions. They both are very gruesome and have horrible events in them. But historical revolutions didn't have all the advanced chemical weapons and extra food like the Syria revolution has. The Syrian Civil war had many different ways they killed people and most historical wars just used swords and muskets. Also they wore different clothing. Both wars are pretty similar but just a few small things that are different. Overall both historical and modern revolutions are terribel things and something that you don't ever want to happen where you and your family are living.



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