Shots Ezequiel cRuZ, ConNor Smith

This Method is used by females

This method prevents ovulation and makes the cervical mucus thickened.

The shot is injected every 3 month by a doctor or nurse it is a safe convenient and is a private birth control method.

You do need a prescription the prescription name is Depo Provera

This method doesn't protect you from STI

This method will cost about 35 to 75 dollar per 3 month shot.

This method is 97% effective only 1 out of 100 gets pregnant.

Compare to different method you need to take it 4 times a year and it effective rate is higher than others.

Some Benefits of taking this method are

  • You don't have to be consistent
  • The success rate is high
  • Protect you from pregnancy for 3 months

Some disadvantage to this method are

  • Doesn't protect you from STI'S
  • Requires visit to healthcare provider
  • It's pretty expansive

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