How Many Chip Bags Will There Be? A Math Problem by, Robert Kaplinski

Frito-Lay produces packages of chips that contain a variety of flavors like the package shown here. The circles on the bags’ lower right corner normally displays the quantity of each type of chips. With 20 bags in the package and four flavors, it would be natural to assume that there would be 5 bags of each flavor.
However, that would be wrong. This is the actual quantity of each type of chips.

The Challenge: How many of each bag of chips will there be?

Questions to Ask:

How many of each bag of chips would you choose if the chips were all for you?

How would the amount of each bag of chips change if you had to take your classmates’ preferences into consideration?

What assumptions are you or Frito-Lay making about chip eaters’ preferences?

How many of each of these types of chips would you need? Discuss with your group what might be some good strategies to figure it out. You have 5 minutes!


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