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And the geek shall inherit the earth

Justin Wylesky

It seems everywhere you look today, there is a geek. Be it the guy bagging your groceries, the barista at your local coffee shop, or delivering your mail. Long gone are the days when the geeks of the world are required to hide in their parents basements, banished to dark and dank dungeons to work on their experiments and ponder the wonders of the universe in shame. Now being a geek is a proud affair. Being called a geek is almost a badge of honor. They even have an entire style: Geek Chic. I for one am proud to carry the moniker of geek, and love the broad expanse of knowledge that the geeks of the world excel.

We have a great issue of G:W here for you this week. I will be delving into some new science that is out of this world, or at least could help us get out of this world. Jarvey will share with us a new twist on a tech solution that is a drain on us all. Plus we will look back on some more historical geeks.


A New Facet To The World Of Wireless Charging
The Next Step in charging technology

David Jarvey

Wireless charging has been a huge raging push these last few years with major tech companies like Samsung making it more than evident that it is a technology that is here to stay and only get better. With the introduction of Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium this year (a group whose members are manufacturers dedicated to making and advancing wireless charging technology) we can all only imagine that it will be brought to more people’s attention later this year with the release of Apple's newest iPhone. We are all more than happy with the current advancements in wireless and fast wireless charging technology, that is except for the team behind The Motherbox.

The Motherbox wants to propel wireless charging to its next evolutionary step!

What would you think of wireless charging without putting your phone directly on a charging pad and leaving it sit there? Imagine if you could use your phone and while you have it in your hands texting your friends or making phone calls it’s just charging without a cord… I mean wouldn’t that just be amazing?

Use your device while it charges wirelessly... Now a Reality.

Well now you can, and it doesn’t matter if you have a phone with a micro usb charging port, usb C charging port or even a lightning charging port. You simply pick the receiver based on the kind of device you have, plug it into your phone and that’s the most labor intensive part of this whole process.

For the generator to charge your phone you simply choose if you want home, portable or both.

The home MotherBox is a larger unit that of course must be plugged in to a standard home electrical outlet, that way it can transfer the power over to the receiver attached to your phone. However; like we stated earlier, you do not have to set your phone on a special charging pad or plug it into the Motherbox. This freedom means you have a few feet of freedom while your phone chargers effortlessly.

The MotherBox Mini is a different stroke of genius that they came up with!

Home & Portable Sizes to fit your active Lifestyle

A lot of us have this effervescent fear of missing a call, text, email snapchat or whatever it is that you do on your phone while you’re on the go. MotherBox Mini is a rechargeable battery pack that has enough power to wirelessly charge an iPhone 7, 7 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge two times from completely empty before the battery pack needs to be juiced back up!

We don’t know about everyone else but we’ve been wanting to get rid of as many cords as possible and rid ourselves of the cluttered outlets around here!

Swing on by their site at the link below to learn more or maybe even order one for yourselves!


Matter Matters

a whole new state of things

Justin Wylesky

When I was going through school, one of my favorite subjects was science. Right around 6th grade I was in the class of one Mr. Newton, and no the irony of that name wasn’t wasted on me. It was right about this time that the world was introduced to a whole new concept… a fourth form of matter. As I’m sure you remember for the longest time there were only the big 3. Solid, Liquid, Gas. Then along came something new Plasma.

For most of the world this simply meant a whole new answer to memorize for their science test, but for others this lead to new mysteries in the world of science and eventually to new discoveries that have had a vast impact on our lives. Without this newest state of matter, we would be without Plasma Displays, which helped advance the capabilities of Televisions in our homes. We would be without Fusion energy, as the application of plasma helps stabilize and better utilize fusion energy. And we would be without the technology that has helped change the world once again. Laser-Produced Plasma, has aided scientists in the discovery of yet another state of matter, and this one sounds like its straight out of Dr. Who.

Time Crystals

Now before we all start getting visions of bad 80’s sports cars, or big blue police boxes, keep in mind that no one is traveling through time with these crystals. To explain how these Time Crystals work we have to understand how matter in general works. Every form of matter, thus far follows one steadfast rule of thumb, and it’s one we have all heard before.

“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” This is known as Newtons first law, or the law of inertia. What most of us don’t realize is that this law applies to the very essence of matter itself. At a level as small as a single ion, every state of matter wants to stay exactly at the point it sits in relation to the rest of the universe, except when acted upon by an outside force like gravity, wind, or a physical push of another sort. This is where Time Crystals differ.

First proposed by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, Time crystals have ions that are in continuous movement without being acted upon by another force. These crystals act like “tapping jell-o repeatedly to get it to jiggle” only it requires no outside input to put the crystal in motion. This is not only a new phase of matter, but is also the first example of non-equilibrium matter.

How will this affect us? Well the way the ions of a time crystal move are already very similar to the way a quantum computer works. Further research into this technology could advance the world of computers and microprocessors light years beyond their current state. Much like the introduction of Plasma to the list, we can only dream of what this new state of matter will mean for future generations to come.


Taking a flip side view at the world of the geek

Would you believe that since the world was introduced to Dolly the sheep, there have been 8 other mammal types cloned. Genetic science has helped scientists produce a whole slew of barnyard friends for Dolly. Such as 5 piglets named Millie, Christa, Carrel, Dotcom and Alexis, cloned in the year 2000. In 2001 Texas A&M produced a single kitten, nicknamed CC short for Carbon Copy, a cute and cuddly addition to the family. The same team followed this up the next year by cloning Dewey the Deer, much to the dismay of road weary drivers everywhere. Italy joined the cloning party in 2003 with of all things a Horse of course, named Prometea. Not to be out done, South Korea followed suite in 2005 with a puppy named Snuppy, not to be confused with Snoopy of Peanuts fame. In 2008 Japan opted to take things a little smaller producing mice from DNA that had been frozen at -20 degrees Celsius for 16 years. The first step towards resurrecting long dead species whose DNA had been frozen for thousands of years. Then in 2009 scientists did just that by cloning a bucardo, or wild goat that had been extinct since 1999. South Korea then turned the technology towards saving animals that are on the endangered list by cloning two Grey Wolf pups named Snuwolf and Snuwolffy, making them the newest members of the cloned animal family. So far no Jurassic Park scares, but only time will tell.

Geeky History

A look at what past geeks were up to this week

Feb 20th 1947 - Testing AI

Alan Turing suggests testing artificial intelligence with a game of chess. Later leading to the development of the Turing Test for Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Feb 24th 1955 - Apple's Roots

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs was born.

Feb 22nd 1959 - First Daytona 500

Lee Petty wins the first race, starting the Petty family racing dynasty.

Feb 23rd 1896 - A Sweet Sweet Day

The Tootsie Roll was introduced to the world.

Feb 25th, 1938 - Let's All Go To The Movies

The first drive in theater opens in Miami, Florida.

Feb 28th 1953 - It's In Our DNA

Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announce that they have determined the double-helix structure of DNA, the molecule containing human genes

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