WWI Trench Survival Guide Ayanna Velez

Gas Mask

Gas masked were used primarily on the British side because the Germans wanted the western front to open. Due to the gas mask only about 3 percent of soldiers in the western front died. The evolution of the gas mask could help save your life. The gas mask went from just cotton pads soaked in chemicals to a mask with glass eye pieces and tubes that you can breath through and eventually Small Box Respirator mask.

Entrenching Tool

Each side used trenches for protection and to defend themselves. In the beginning trenches were only small holes but slowing turned into more complex networks. The non-commission used entrenching tools to do dig small holes to protect themselves. They also used the entrenching tool as a weapon in hand to hand combat.

Steel Helmet

The steel helmet is a type of equipment used to help protect you better during combat. Before steel helmets were used some army's would use soft cloth caps which had no protection towards artillery like guns. The steel helmet helps protect your head from bomb or other explosives and it also caused 75 percent less head injuries.

First Aid

While in battle lots of soldiers are wounded and need medical attention immediately but can be taken to a hospital. Usually a stretch bearer is first to help someone who is seeking medical attention in the middle of battle. Most of the stretch bearers really only had basic medical training and weren't very experienced.

Mosquito Net

During battle many diseases are spread through out the trenches. A common carrier of diseases was mosquitos, who often carried malaria. This net helped keep mosquitos and other insects from giving diseases and causing the solider's to contract them. ("Imperial War Museum").

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