The Age of Augustus From Brick to Marble

Octavian is more clever than his Uncle. Julius Caesar takes power. He just does it. He doesn't care if people know. They all realize he is becoming all powerful. And the senators kill him.

Octavian will not do the same. He will seek power. He will want all the power of the Roman government. He just will never say so. He will pretend to not want power. He will say he does not want the responsibility. The senators know that is a lie. The public loves the modest Octavian. He is well mannered. He is kind. He is a hero. He is a great general. He wants to restore the Republic. He wants the Senate to do its job. Or at least that how it appears to the average Roman on the street.

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As unacknowledged emperor, Augustus begins a massive building program.

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Augustus: "You don't believe what I said about the roads. Look at this web page and see that I ment what I said -- all roads lead to Rome."

Octavian is a soldier. He continued to expand the empire. He did it in every direction. In Anatolia. In Spain. In northern Europe. He moved into Germany. And in North Africa. Expanding the empire is important. It brings in loot -- wealth. It's wealth the emperor and the Roman state need.

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Roman officials are stationed all around the Mediterranean ruling on behalf of Rome.

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The Roman Peace
Trumpet blast for the Great Augustus

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