Media Regulation

what is Media Regulation - is the control or guidance of mass media by governments and other bodies.

PEGI - Computer games -they have done Fifa and GTA5

IPSO - News paper and magazines - they have done the sun and Sunday life.

ASA - advertising - they have done buddy power

BBFC - Films - they have done Finding Nemo and Saw 3

OFCOM - TV and Radio, phones, laptops - they have done Hp and Apple

Titanfall 2 trailer

what is the rating? - 16

two reasons why it received this rating - 1) it has violence which can be distressing to younger children so the put the rating of 16 2- it is graphic and glory which can also be distressing for young chrildren so they gave it the rating of 16. they also used the rating of 16 because children under 16 could get ideas from the game.

what was the release date - 28/10/16


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