Cities and Trade BY:Nathan

1. Texans lived on isolated farms or small communities. There were however bigger settlements. 2. The biggest settlements included San Antonio, Goliad, and Nacogdoches. 3. There was about 1,000 people living in San Antonio, Goliad, and Nacogdoches.

4. Those big settlements needed a better constructed government. 5. The government was the ayuntamiento, or city council. 6. San Antonio in 1820 was home to 2,000

7. Since many businesses didn't have money, they would conduct barter, or trade. 8. Some other businesses would work with sawmills which was a mill that would cut wood into little pieces. 9. Obstacles didn't stop 1830s Texas from producing 500k of exports. 10. In return for producing the exports, Texas would receive imports, or items bought from another region.


Created with images by Mark Gstohl - "Post Card" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "New map of the state of Texas"

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