Summer of my German Soldier Cailee Schroeder

exemplary evaluator may 4

  1. Bette Greene was born on June 28 1934.
  2. she was born in Memphis Tennessee.
  3. she moved to Arkansas and and grew up there where her parents owned the general store.
  4. she sold a newspaper at nine about a parkin barn fire for 18 cents.
  5. She got a lot of discrimination in her town because she was jewish.
  6. she graduated high school in 1952
  7. she worked with the commercial appeal as a student corresponder while attending memphis state.
  8. Greene enrolled at columbia university in New York.
  9. She focused on astronomy and writing.
  10. she got no degrees
  11. She married Donald sumner greene
  12. After college she had 2 children.
  13. She currently lives in brookline massachusetts
  14. She worked as a part time journalists
  15. She started a novel that took 5 years to make after her first daughter was born.
  16. Her novel Summer of my German Soldier is true.
  17. she claims she was a professional writer when she was 9
  18. She has written 7 books.
  19. Her books normally show sympathy for those who are treated unjustly.
  20. she married in 1959

connection builder may 3

After the german soldiers found out that Anton escaped the sheriff wanted to talk to Patty if she saw him. The sheriff asked Patty is she had talked to him or seen him since. He asked Patty what they talked about when Anton was in the store buying hats. A few weeks later when Anton had left, Patty told Sister Parker that she helped a man. She was referring to Anton and once her dad found out he called the sheriff. The sheriff is now asking Patty who the old man was and if he did anything that hurt her.

characteR captain may 2

literary luminary april 28

discussion director april 26

HItler told the government that whoever is hiding Mr. Reiker will be killed.

Hitler sent boats to arkansas to capture jews.

When Patty went to visit the concentration camp the boss said that concentration camps were the best

exemplary evaluator april 25

connection builder april 24

Me and Patty both have siblings. She has a little sister and I have an older brother. Patty also doesn't care what people think. She doesn't care what type of clothes she wears or what her hair looks like. Neither do I.

CHARACTER captain april 21

literary luminary april 19

discussion director april 18

In the romance that Bette Greene wrote, Summer of my German Soldier Patty Bergen's is trying to escape with a nazi. Patty (unlike other girls) doesn't care what she looks like. Her hair is always a mess and she wears almost the same clothes everyday. She isn't as pretty as her mother or her little sister. Mrs. Bergen's is always telling Patty how she is ashamed because Patty didn't get her looks.

Patty doesn't have much friends and most people she tries to be friends with her dad doesn't approve of them. When boys from the concentration camp come into the store one in particular catches her attention. He speaks very well english and if his shirt hadn't said POW on the back of it she would never have thought he was a german. He goes to buy a pocket pencil sharpener and that's when she introduces herself to him. After he leaves Patty wonders if they will ever meet again.

Anton (the german soldier) escapes from the concentration camp. Patty sees him and asks him whatt he was doing outside the concentration camp

Exemplary evaluator April 17

Patty is hiding Anton (a german soldier) in a "guessed house" on her property and hasn't told anyone in her family. Anton and Patty are planning on escaping and never coming back..

Connection Builder April 13

LIke in "The Whispering Town" Patty is hiding someone on her property. Anton was a german soldier and did not believe in what Hitler was doing to jews so he escaped the concentration camp. Patty saw him walking outside that day and decided that she would let him stay in her "guessed house" for as long as he needed. She also said she would feed him during the morning and night. The next day the german government broadcasted on the news and said that if anyone was hiding any secrets or hiding any jews they will be killed.

character CAPTAIN April 12 Patty Bergens

Patty Bergens

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bergens

Loves her grandmother and her little sister

Hates her mom and dad

She wants to go shopping with her grandma every Thursday

She wishes she could have met Anton earlier

She is also scared that the war will last long

Literary luminary april 10

  • Quote: When I saw the crowd gathering at the train station,I worried what President Roosevelt would think.
  • Comment: All the nazis are getting off the train at jenkinsville to occupy a concentration camp
  • Quote: Thanks anyway but--
  • Comment: Patty's grandmother gave her a 10 dollar bill and told her to buy some books. Pattys mother told patty to give back any money that her grandmother or grandfather gave her.
  • Quote: What color would you like?
  • Comment: Patty meets Anton in her fathers store and is asking him what color pencil sharpener he wants.

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