Lexington and Concord By Maison Spence

Who fought in the Lexington and Concord battle? The American colonists and British authorities with the redcoats.

What was the battle all about? It was the start of the Revolutionary War, 49 colonists died and 73 British were killed.

Where was the battle taken place at? Lexington Kentucky and Concord Massachusetts. They were two small towns with about 918.4 miles between them. But their battles took place at the same time.

In what year did the battle specifically take place? April 19, 1775.

Why did this battle happen? The tension rose with the American 13 colonies and the British authorities, this was the first revolutionary battle at Lexington and Concord. This battle was a kickoff to The American revolution, the American revolution was a political upheaval to break away from England. It took place in the years 1765 through 1783, the war took 4435 lives.

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